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Illusory Scapes – Figments Of My Wishes

Artist: Illusory Scapes Title: Figments Of My Wishes Keywords: experimental ambient electronic chillout chillwave dreamwave Jhansi Illusory Scapes uses mellow melodically petite works of sweet dreamy melodies that are teamed up with soothing rhythms for the most pleasurable results. Each … Continue reading

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Alex Spalding – Acetate

Artist: Alex Spalding title: Acetate keywords: electronic avant-garde chillout electro shoegaze Springfield Outrageously stretched out beauty will warm welcome you within the grey mist in which Alex Spalding hopes you won’t see the workings of his music. The cables, wires … Continue reading

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Vitas – Седьмой элемент / The 7th Element

Artist: Vitas title: Седьмой элемент / The 7th Element keywords: Operatic pop, techno, new-age, vocal music, classical, pop, easy listening, chillout, synthpop words by: Willem van O. Something happened… My ears and eyes finally (after zillions of people before me) … Continue reading

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Artists: Various title: あおっちーずEP keywords: 160, alternative, electronic, experimental, juke, footwork, chillout, fieldrecordings, footwork,juke, Japan label: Omoide Label Cuteness is not only available to music made by adorable kittens; humans for Japan are also a great source for your good … Continue reading

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Alex Spalding – Glow

Artist: Alex Spalding title: Glow keywords: Music, Chillout, Nu Jazz, Breaks, Rhodes Experimental vaporous post-jazz trax inspired by blacklight. Jambient coffee breaks. New glo-mantic lovescapes. Shoevague. -Alex Spaling time… I do not care what time it is over there; but … Continue reading

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Nicole Magdalena – Exit The Lagoon

Artist: Nicole Magdalena title: Exit The Lagoon keywords: alternative, folk, rock, acoustic, chillout, classical, experimental, rock, piano, romantic, London, singer songwriter Nicole Magdalena released her sing and songwriter debut: Under the plain looking black and white album photo cover hides … Continue reading

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MushroomWavedcollar – Distillation

Artist: MushroomWavedcollar title: Distillation keywords: experimental, chillout, dissociative, electronic, emotional, fusion, illbient, psychedelic, screwgaze, techno, witch house, город Смоленск MushroomWavedcollar doesn’t seem to have time for bullshit; no seconds are spilled and no minutes are wasted. Straight out of the … Continue reading

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The Ambiguity – Departures

Artist: The Ambiguity title: Departures keywords: ambient, electronic, avant garde, chillout, downtempo, Iowa City reviewer: The Ambient Hoarder Everybody needs some ambient in their lives. Some of us even need it much more than others. I’m an ambient hoarder, collecting … Continue reading

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The Hardliner – Suicide Bag Safely Locked Away (the videos)

Artist: The Hardliner title: Suicide Bag Safely Locked Away (the videos) keywords: melodies, electronic, mellow, chiptune, chillout, ambient, lobit, video, label: 20kbps http://20kbps.sofapause.ch A while ago YIKIS featured a review for a magnificent free release and suicide prevention act made by The … Continue reading

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Alex Spalding – Feelings

Artist: Alex Spalding Title: Feelings Keywords: electronica Label: Sirona-Records ? http://www.sirona-records.com It doesn’t happen often that we feature a review for a future release. Not that they don’t send us things before they come out, but mostly because we can’t … Continue reading

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