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Illusory Scapes – Figments Of My Wishes

Artist: Illusory Scapes Title: Figments Of My Wishes Keywords: experimental ambient electronic chillout chillwave dreamwave Jhansi Illusory Scapes uses mellow melodically petite works of sweet dreamy melodies that are teamed up with soothing rhythms for the most pleasurable results. Each … Continue reading

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Fart Banshee – Fart Banshee 0

artist: Fart Banshee title: Fart Banshee 0 keywords: experimental blank banshee chillwave fart joke parody vaportrap vaporwave United States Farts is only one F away to become Arts, but on this release the arts and farts come close together for … Continue reading

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MAMAIA_2084 – MAMAIAWAVE Floppy Disk

Artist: MAMAIA_2084 title: MAMAIAWAVE Floppy Disk keywords: vaporwave, electronic, lo-fi, chillwave, ambient, electronic reviewer: Fred Oppy 2014 was an excellent year for floppy enthusiasts and the uprising of the vaporwave genre. But the combination of these two is strangely (even … Continue reading

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Casa del Mirto – Taxus Baccata (None)

Artist: Casa del Mirto Title: Taxus Baccata Label: Mashhh! Records Cat#: None Keywords: Electronic, Chillwave, Glo-Fi, Hypnagogic Pop, Italo Disco Reviewer: Alex Spalding I just can’t break out of my eternal love of all things Italo Disco / Wave, and … Continue reading

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Amma Jononsense – All The Candles Say I’m Crazy

artist: Amma Jononsense title: All The Candles Say I’m Crazy keywords: experimental, chillwave, vocal, vocal harmonies, Los Angeles, California reviewer: Perez Holtin Move on over Mariah Carrey! Get out of the way Beyonce! Your Fame is over Lady Blabla! Goodbye … Continue reading

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Careless Messenger Recordings✆ (division under Comtex) – A5 (single)

Artist: Careless Messenger Recordings✆ (division under Comtex) Title: A5 (single) Keywords: experimental, chillwave, eccojams, funk, vaporwave You know the feeling of being trapped in a place of time and space where everything is drowsy, the windows are wet and your … Continue reading

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OCD Soundsystem – Wayne

Artist: OCD Soundsystem title: Wayne keywords: electronic, chillwave, freak, folk, house, progressive, synth, pnk, trip hop Shadowalwaysfollowmehome’ is the first track to stumble over when going for this album brought by OCD Soundsystem. It’s like we enter a movie somewhere … Continue reading

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