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Stefano Balice – Senza titolo col troglodita

artist: Stefano Balice title: Senza titolo col troglodita keywords: extemporaneous, circuit bending, synth pop label: MAV [0bps] records http://mavrecords.webs.com/ This stars with ‘no’. This is not a refusal but an actual yes forward into this release of sound. Very Late … Continue reading

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No Way Out – Circuit Malfunction

Artist: No Way Out title: Circuit Malfunction format: Floppy diskette keywords: experimental, noise, minimal, sounds, electronic, ambient, label: Floppy Noise Records https://www.facebook.com/FloppyNoiseRecords/?fref=ts No Way Out delivers a very lovely sounding release on Floppy Noise records. It contains the pleasant sound … Continue reading

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Graffiti Mechanism – Chicago

artist: Graffiti Mechanism title: Chicago keywords: Lo Fi, lobit, circuit bending, calculator, hip hop, cool, groundbreaking, 8kbps, sexy music, techno, experimental, live electronica label: Top Of The Flops reviewer: Leo Obit Graffiti Mechanism’s Chicago is what I would call a … Continue reading

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Mimi Kawouin – TruNy

Artist: Mimi Kawouin title: TruNy keywords: circuit bending, costume, diy, experimental, funny, improvisational, live, noisy reviewer: Mark X Mimi Kawouin brings a refreshing sound beverage of improvisational groovy Nuttiness named ‘TruNy. With the charming greetings of a welcoming visit to … Continue reading

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Zebra Mu – Small Talk

Artist: Zebra Mu Title: Small Talk Keywords: circuit bending, analog noise, harsh noise, experimental, noise When you go for some small talk with UK based multimedia noise artist Zebra Mu, you might not get cookies and milk with your conversation. … Continue reading

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Jankenpopp – Zombie Media

artist: Jankenpopp title: Zombie Media keywords:8bit, diy, electronic, breakcore, chiptune, circuit bending, club, experimental, electronic, gameboy, glitch label: Darling DaDa http://www.darlingdada.com/ Getting down with Jankenpopp has never been so easy, just travel to the Darling DaDa netlabel zone and get the … Continue reading

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Logosamphia – eLASTIQUE

Artist: Logosamphia title: eLASTIQUE Keywords: diy, breakcore, chipcore, circuit bending, dance, electroacoustic, jungle, neopolka, Persian, Logosamphia setup his gear, plugs it all in and feeds it electricity. When he is ready he feeds our ears ‘Modern ‘Phork and Cerial’ ! … Continue reading

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