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Marielle V Jakobsons – Star Core

Artist: Marielle V Jakobsons Title: Star Core keywords: ambient classical cosmic experimental new age synthesizer Oakland This pretty enlightening kind-of-an-album by multi-instrumentalist Marielle V Jakobsons starts with a nice spacious melodic amount of White Sparks. For some reason it gives … Continue reading

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Antti Tolvi – Traktori Fantasia

Artist: Antti Tolvi title: Traktori Fantasia keywords: concert, experimental, drone, ambient, industrial website: http://www.anttitolvi.com conducting a huge orchestra isn’t easy, only well trained and skilled music conductors are able to pull this profession off. When they conduct the music successfully … Continue reading

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Luna Arakawa – CATape 01

Artist: Luna Arakawa title: CATape 01 format: extremely limited tape / unlimited digital files keywords: electronic experimental abstract ambient avant-garde classical dream pop drone drone ambient modern classical noise piano shoegaze Toronto The promise of videos and pictures of cats … Continue reading

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Polyphonics – Secret Silence

artist: Polyphonics title: Secret Silence keywords: electronic experimental acoustic ambient cinematic electroacoustic experimental free improvisation neoclasical soundtrack Bulgaria label: Mahorka Care for hearing actual music? Something that will please the ears &places the head into a state of comfort and … Continue reading

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Swoon (aka Marc Neys) – Pointless Connection

artust: Swoon (aka Marc Neys) tutle: pointless connection keywords: classical cont experimental soundscape field recordings Mechelen Swoon created an album named ‘pointless connection’ but hearing the actual music within it; its connections are probably not so pointless after all. Swoon … Continue reading

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Luna Arakawa – Blood Ballad

Artist: Luna Arakawa title: Blood Ballad keywords: classical, modern classical, compositional, piano, improvisation,canadian experimental abstract avant-garde classical contemporary classical improvisation improvised improvised music modern classical piano piano solo Toronto This is the first piano solo album by Luna Arakawa, formerly … Continue reading

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Luna Arakawa – Ocean of tears called sky

Artist: Luna Arakawa Title: Ocean of tears called sky keywords: canadian diy experimental abstract avant-garde avantgarde brian eno canadian composer classical dark ambient experimental electronic feminism modern classical piano radiohead steve reich Toronto Ocean of tears called sky is an … Continue reading

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