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chēēZ π -The Clones of Dr. Funkenstein (2016)

artist: chēēZ π title:  The Clones of Dr. Funkenstein keywords: bootsy, dance, fatboy slim, funkadelic, george clinton, parliament, pfunk, chiptune, club, edm, electronic, funk, party label: FEUERSTEIN Records https://archive.org/details/feuersteinrecords The music to swing your hips rhythmically, to bring your head … Continue reading

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Bottlesmoker – Bottlesmoker On The Other Hands; Hypnagogic Remix

Artist: Bottlesmoker title: Bottlesmoker On The Other Hands; Hypnagogic Remix keywords: electronic, Indonesia, bottlesmoker, electronica, experimental,chiptune,hypnagogic, pop, remix, Sounthend On Sea artist website: http://www.bottlesmoker.asia/ label: Wrieuw Recordsings https://wrieuwrecordings.bandcamp.com/ Hello and welcome at another ‘review’, or perhaps better described as an … Continue reading

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Elena Rose – Remix 11

artist: Elena Rose title: elena rose remix 11 keywords: pop, dance, soul, R&B, club Elena Rose makes love pop songs & songs of what she has been through in the music business. She is a fine hot woman from Brooklyn, … Continue reading

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Le Leprechaune – Kitsch Adventure

Artist: Le Leprechaune title: Kitsch Adventure cat: DDD003 keywords: 8bit, DIY, electronic, bass musci, bassline, booty bass, breakcore, chiptune, club, experimental, electronic, glitch, maxmsp, Paris label: Darling DaDa reviewer: Repelsteeltje An golden oldie released back in the days on the … Continue reading

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Dino Felipe – ampithetique

artist: Dino Felipe title: ampithetique keywords: elecronic, breakcore, chiptune, club, experimental, electronic, glitch label: Darling Dada http://darlingdada.bandcamp.com The introduction to a collection of early computer recordings by Dino Felipe named ‘Ampithetique comes across as entering a cozy playroom full crisper … Continue reading

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Mr. Kindhoover – Vacances A La Plage

Artist: Mr. Kindhoover title: Vacances A La Plage keywords: electronic, breakcore, chiptune, club, experimental label: Darling Dada http://www.darlingdada.com/ Mr. Kindhoover has to save this blog from its own death. There are simply too many artists and releases slipping in that … Continue reading

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Jankenpopp – Zombie Media

artist: Jankenpopp title: Zombie Media keywords:8bit, diy, electronic, breakcore, chiptune, circuit bending, club, experimental, electronic, gameboy, glitch label: Darling DaDa http://www.darlingdada.com/ Getting down with Jankenpopp has never been so easy, just travel to the Darling DaDa netlabel zone and get the … Continue reading

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Material Action – Politics of Touch

artist: Material Action title: Politics of Touch format: Tape / digital download keywords: ambient, chillwave, cosmic, disco , club, electro, electronic, gloomwave, gothic, rock, jazz-fusion, post-industrial, post-punk, wave, In case you don’t know them, (Shame on you!) Material Action is … Continue reading

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Sam and the Womp – Bom Bom (remixes)

Artist: Sam and the Womp Title: Bom Bom (remixes) format: digital album keywords: pop,music,dance,electronic label: Stiff Records In case you have been living under a rock, some sand or where just too stoned to have noticed them, a new group … Continue reading

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Joseph Anton – Infiltrator (Siro115)

Artist: Joseph Anton Title: Infiltrator Label: Sirona-Records Cat#: Siro115 Keywords: Breakbeat, Electronica, Other Reviewer: Alex Spalding I had the time to write a real quick review, so I flipped around in the Sirona-Records catalog and eventually settled on this straight-up … Continue reading

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