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CYBORGS ON CRACK – Industrial polka classics

artist: CYBORGS ON CRACK title: Industrial polka classics keywords: croatia electronic greece acid coldwave cyberpunk dark synth darkwave ebm electro experimental electronic industrial new beat post-punk retrosynth synthwave label: Werkstatt Recordings http://werkstattrecordings.blogspot.gr/ Cyborgs On Crack are at it by pretending … Continue reading

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Addicted to LOVATARAXX

artist: LOVATARAXX keywords: alternative coldwave electropop new wave synthesiser drumbox synthwave Grenoble web: https://lovataraxx.bandcamp.com Out of our minds, on top of steamy clouds, twirling in a void of sweaty sweat created by the dancing lunatics who are occupying the slippery … Continue reading

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Psywarfare – Throw Away The Ocean 7″

artist: Psywarfare title: Throw Away The Ocean 7″ keywords: experimental, noise, coldwave, industrial, label: тhe тide øf тhe εnd Edgewater Fog is the first track on this 7″, providing a sinister darkness that at the sane time comes across as … Continue reading

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Cyborgs On Crack – 66D Mutations

Artist: Cyborgs On Crack title: 66D Mutations cat: X.O.S.16 keywords: coldwave, electro, electronic, gloomwave, industrial, post-punk, acid, experimental, electronic, house, mind, pop, synth, teardown, Kansas City label: X O S Musick Cyborgs On Crack is back, back and forever kicking … Continue reading

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Alex Spalding – Cupid’s Basin

Artist: Alex Spalding Title: Cupid’s Basin keywords: ambient, coldwave, cyber-acoustics, electro, electronic, experimental, gloomwave, industrial, post-punk, post-wave, Kansas City label: X O S Musick http://xosrecords.bandcamp.com Walking through a rainbow waterfall (described in the dictionary as a rainbow that consists of … Continue reading

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Various Artists – Astral Data Tape

Artists: Various title: Astral Data Tape format: Cassette (limited edition) / digital keywords: ambient, coldwave, cyberpunk, ebm, electro, electronic, gloomwave, hard beat, industrial, minimal, new beat, post-punk, witch-wave, withchouse label X.O.S. Musick http://xosrecords.bandcamp.com X.O.S. Musick has been doing some very … Continue reading

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Alex Spalding – No Mistaking (video)

Artist: Alex Spalding title: No Mistaking (video) keywords: electronica, coldwave, electro, fusion, gloomwave, label: X.O.S. Records http://xosrecords.bandcamp.com/ reviewer: Nico (City Lover, stalker & Private detective) Cities, I love being in them. Skyscrapers instead of wood, trees and parks, The smell of … Continue reading

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Alex Spalding – End Love Acid

Artist: Alex Spalding Title: End Love Acid Keywords: Acid, coldwave, elelctro, electronic, gloomwave, house, industrial, post-acid, post-punk label: X.O.S. Records The first track ‘Subjective Realities’ transports it’s listeners to a subjective reality guided by the friendly acid funk provided by … Continue reading

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Flesh / Meat – Muzak For Dying Batteries

Artists: Flesh / Meat title Muzak For Dying Batteries keywords: 90s. dive house, Christian hate, coldwave, death noise, noise, electro, electronic, decay, experimental, gloomwave, industrial, minimal, no-fi, post-punk, power electronic label: X.O.S. Records Oh boy! It seems like the X.O.S … Continue reading

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Mind Teardown – Flashbacks

artist: Mind Teardown title: Flashbacks format: Cassette / digital keywords: coldwave, cyberpunk, ebm, electro, electronic, funky, alternative, gloomwave, industrial, post-punk label: X.O.S. Musick http://xosrecords.bandcamp.com Mind Teardown’s mind is perhaps cruel but as the artist takes us all down (while being … Continue reading

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