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Lebu Della – Gastrite Sonora

Artist: Lebu Della title: Gastrite Sonora Keywords: experimental analogic concrete disembowelment feedback loop harsh noise violence Salerno reviewer: Simon Hit Leby Della is clearly cleaning out a hoarders paradise, a place filled until the ceiling with stuff that will make … Continue reading

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Chelidon Frame – Imago

Artist: Chelidon Frame Title: Imago keywords: ambient concrete music drone dronescape found objects glitch italy milano musique concrete noise soundscape Milan Chelidon Frame is a name that might not immediately ring a bell, but if you dip deep into the … Continue reading

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Leafy Suburbs – Psychic Lease

Artist: Leafy Suburbs title: Psychic Lease keywords: experimental house ambient concrete dub glitch mindscape noise psychedelic drone soundscape Perth Leafy Suburbs is the name Lyndon Blue uses to make his music under. His Psychic Lease release is the most resent … Continue reading

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Laugu Ni Memro – 001 Cat Clock

Artist: Laugu Ni Memro title: 001 Cat Clock Keywords: experimental acoustic concrete folk minimalist polska rhythm rock Jeziorno I’ve fallen instantly in love with this album. It was a love at first sight, if you could say such a thing … Continue reading

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Emerge – Indulgence

Artist: Emerge Title: indulgence Keywords: experimental, ambient, concrete, drone, musique concrete, noise, Augsburg label: Attenuation Circuit http://www.attenuationcircuit.de/ There is only one sound artist whose knowledge of the underground is so reliable that it knows out to bring out the best … Continue reading

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Lezet – Accord

Artist: Lezet title: Accord keywords: Accordion, experimental, concrete, free jazz, laic, lo-fi, m-pop, noise, serbia, Puerto Rico, yuca tapes, accordeon, acoustic, guided, improvisation, improv, traditional label: Yuca Tapes https://www.facebook.com/YucaTapes?fref=nf words by: Accordion Wrestler Arie An accordion is no flute, you … Continue reading

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Penny and Ashtray – Petworks

Artist: Penny and Ashtray Title: Petworks Cat: 8R041 Keywords: concrete, experimental, low-bit, lobit, 8kpbs Label: 8Ravens http://8ravens.blogspot.com/ Reviewer: Leo Obit Penny and Ashtray from Osaka, Japan is one of those online found acts that puts back the word ‘nation’ in … Continue reading

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