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Zelena Hull – six feet under

Artist: Zelena Hull title: six feet under keywords: country, western, folk, singer, song writer reviewer: Cowboy Joe Admittedly, YIKIS isn’t the most known for its trustworthiness. Yet, today, here in this little write up I want to be serious as … Continue reading

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{AN} Eel – {EeL}~ Ixer – Vol 1 ::Performance Relic

Artist: {AN} Eel title: {EeL}~ Ixer – Vol 1 ::Performance Relic keywords: avant-garde country death metal experimental experimental vocal technique glitch improvised noise rock improvised music noise Toronto “This album was conceived around a relatively straight forward process. Participants would … Continue reading

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Merzlux – No Worries About Love

Artist: Merzlux title: No Worries About Love cat: Merz000001 format: Tape (limited to 4 copies) keywords: Folk, World, & Country label: Genetic Tapes http://genetic-tapes.jimdo.com The enormous discography of Merzbow is on the line by a new artist in town. This … Continue reading

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Artist: THE SMOKER title: SMOKING MUSIC keywords: experimental blues country jazz noise trash Melbourne label: white bread mexican production universe reviewer: Smoking Simon Smart advertising campaigns always did their best (and probably still do) to make smoking a cool and … Continue reading

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Kristo – Happy Camp

artist: Kristo title: Happy Camp keywords: Americana, rock, country, folk, psychedelic, weirdo, St. Louis reviewer: Cotton Eye Joe Take a sniff of the happy factor, a big gulp of heavy wine, a shot of vodka, some warmed up can of … Continue reading

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Dylan Ewen – Gender Mountain

Artist: Dylan Ewen title: Genrder Mountain keywords: pop, blues, country, indie, lo-fi, outsider, rap, Boston reviewer: Willem van O. Stumbled upon a music release by Dylan Ewen and decided (for some strange reason) to check if there was something visual … Continue reading

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Rust – Missouri River -Texas Redball

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Secret South – Dark Days EP

Artist: Secret South title: Dark Days EP keywords: folk, ambient, country, Americana, dark-folk reviewer: Dickie Assholeson Originality. Let me write the word again ‘Originality’. It’s a trademark that is hard to find sometimes in the swimming pool of sing and … Continue reading

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Felicity Mangan – Emu

artist: Felicity Mangan title: Emu keywords: experimental, ambient, electronic, country, soundtrack, fieldrecording, world Emu by ‘Felicity Mangan’ features the sounds of : an emu ^^ koala ^^ gang-gang cockatoo ^^ penguin ^^ kookaburra ^^ lyrebird ^^ andersson’s toadlet ^^ spotted … Continue reading

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Mark Knopfler – Are We In Trouble Now?

artist: Mark Knopfler Title: Are We In Trouble Now? Keywords: country? reviewer: Mork Onthany Hello and welco… Uh sorry.. Let me start over! Hi there peopl… Uh.. I’m so sorry. Let me restart; Hi there young people and welcom…. ZzZz … Continue reading

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