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Ann Key – Ann Speaks Key

artist: Ann Key title: Ann Speaks Key keywords: phenomenon, speaking, spoken word, experimental, sounds, noise, dada, artist web: https://soundcloud.com/ankie-anders Jippa dippa dee: I hope you read me! Why? Cause we got something important to talk about: Ann Key! As unlike … Continue reading

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Quint Baker – Psychic Cat’z Bunny Castle

artist: Quint Baker title: Psychic Cat’z Bunny Castle keywords: alien pop band alternative experimental quint baker dada drums guitar guitars outsider outsider music singer-songwriter unique Los Angeles Quint Baker is one of the favorite artists whose music keeps pleasantly infiltrating … Continue reading

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Georgie – Pineapple

artist: Georgie title: Pineapple keywords: donald trump, electronic, alternative, baroque, pop ,dada, dance ,electronica, electropop, glitch, lgbt, artist, pineapple, political ,post-vaporwave ,queer ,weird ,Chapel Hill reviewer: WIllem van O. Pineapple is a modern day pop tune and EP in which … Continue reading

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Post-Materialists – Dumb Collage Suck

artist: Post-Materialists title: Dumb Collage Suck format: limited edition 7” / digital keywords: experimental, collage, dada, DIY, industrial, jazz, lo-fi,noise-rock, psychedelic, synthpop, Moscow Side A is one to keep by your side as it kicks of a pace of fine … Continue reading

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All Machine / Emerge – …beyond…

Artist: All Machine / Emerge title: …beyond… keywords: experimental, sound poetry, drone label: Attenuation Circuit http://www.attenuationcircuit.de/ The following release between Emerge and All Machine explores the beyond. A bold statement perhaps, but you have to look beyond that. The first … Continue reading

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Corkscrew № 4453556 – Philoctomy

Artist: Corkscrew № 4453556 title: Philoctomy keywords: avant-garde, dada, doom, metal, dubgrind, electrogore, experimental, psychgrind, torture, cybergrind, jazzcore, power electronics, powerviolence, punk, voporwave, Italy reviewer: Simon Hit Everybody knows that Italy has a fine temperature, but still in this fine … Continue reading

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Penny and Ashtray – Petworks

Artist: Penny and Ashtray Title: Petworks Cat: 8R041 Keywords: concrete, experimental, low-bit, lobit, 8kpbs Label: 8Ravens http://8ravens.blogspot.com/ Reviewer: Leo Obit Penny and Ashtray from Osaka, Japan is one of those online found acts that puts back the word ‘nation’ in … Continue reading

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Fault Worship – 0/0

Artist: Fault Worship title: 0/0 keywords: experimental, dada, dub, glitch hop, industrial, noise, plunderphonics, sound collage, surrealism reviewer: Willem van O. Chilling and flexing with a track named ‘FlexOn’ is possible if you wouldn’t mind the pleasant rhythm exposure to … Continue reading

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Hiyohiyoipseniyo – al ARMA

artist: Hiyohiyoipseniyo title: al ARMA format: cassette (limited edition of 25) / digital keywords: world, Hiyohiyoipseniyo-style, electronic, experimental label: Nyapter http://nyapster.bandcamp.com reviewer: Spicki Lee Jones (the hamster) Eep eep ‘AAA’ eep eep eep eep eep. Eep eep eep, eep eep … Continue reading

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Plankton Dada Wave – Haus of Dada

Artist: Plankton Dada Wave title: Haus of Dada keywords: indie, wave, rock, new wave, funk, punk label: Ghost Records http://ghostrecords.bandcamp.com better put a pizza in the oven; get the wine and pickles on the table because the Italians have taken … Continue reading

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