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Master Toad – DEPTHS

artist: Master Toad title: DEPTHS keywords:Alternative, Drone, Dark, Ambient, Atmospheric, Avant Garde, Chill, Depression, Experimental, Port, Huron, label: Torn Flesh Records The last time we covered the music of Master Toad it was coming along with an interactive online click … Continue reading

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Mono Syntax – Data Transfer 386

artist: Mono Syntax title: Data Transfer 386 keywords: Genetic Trance, experimental, minimalsm, noise, ambient, dark, drone, industrial, avantgarde, pavia, milano, italy, lobit, lofi label: Genetic Trance reviewer: Leo Obit Data transfer is a hot topic throughout the years, not only … Continue reading

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SRVTR – SRVTR/ pulse 2.0

Artist: SRVTR title: SRVTR/ pulse 2.0 keywords: electronic ambient dark industrial noise techno France reviewer: Anomalous Alcoholidius Another day, another good excuse to let the music take you to somewhere that you will never arrive. It’s not a case of … Continue reading

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Clara Gazul – Clara’s secret birthday party

Artist: Clara Gazul title: Clara’s secret birthday party keywords: devotional, soul, ambint, cold, dark, electro, experimental, soundtrack, mellow, trance, wavy, label: Vaatican records hhttp://gestrococlub.org/tympans.htm reviewer: ToxicToxic Hello there, welcome back (or if you had never gone) glad you are still … Continue reading

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Yarhkob – Experimental_ScrapMetal_Trips

Artist: Yarhkob title: Experimental_ScrapMetal_Trips keywords: experimental, ambient, dark, electronic, field recordings, noise,scrap metal, Perth label: Dog Park Records https://dogparkrecords.bandcamp.com I wanted to take a shortcut home through the scrap metal yard, but what my ears heard while walking around, completely … Continue reading

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Chimney Crow – Bucks Bike Ride Bride

Artist: Chimney Crow title: Bucks Bike Ride Bride keywords: Chimney Crow, video, label: http://www.electric-phantom.com/ words by: Willem van O. Chimney Crow Bucks Bike Ride Bride is one of those special music videos that give the watcher the first person experience. … Continue reading

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YONI YUM – Clam Glam

Artist: YONI YUM title: Clam Glam keywords: experimental, dark, electro, post-punk, psychedelic, synth, punk reviewer: Willem van O. This is nice; a bit like a strange cocktail which you probably would like the taste off, and yet dangerously manages to … Continue reading

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