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Dendera Bloodbath – m i a m b i a n t

Artist: Dendera Bloodbath Title: << m i a m b i e n t > > Keywords:experimental, autoharp, noise, chamber pop, gothic, dark wave, electronic This album starts of like a cozy pastry of firework, they don’t explode but do … Continue reading

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V.E.X. – Suture No Future

artist: V.E.X. title: Suture No Future keywords: darkwave, industrial, electronic, punk, synth, website: http://xanaxax.tumblr.com/ Ventriloquest Ectoplasmoid Xanaxax (V.E.X) is a synth punk dark wave industrial duo of pure awesomeness from Oakland California. They consist of Roxy Monoxide and Lu Lu … Continue reading

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Athyrium – Letting Go (EP)

Artist: Athyrium title: Letting Go (EP) keywords: electronic darkwave downtemp electronic electronica futurepop indie-pop trip hop trip-hop Seattle website: http://athyrium-music.com reviewer: WIllem van O. Let’s be drowsy and sink into the sad downiness of the trip-hop by Athyrium. Their ‘Letting … Continue reading

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Ilia Belorukov – There Was Hardly Anybody There

Artist: Ilia Belorukov Title: There Was Hardly Anybody There Keywords: devotional darkwave field recordings ilia belorukov minimal spinarec Saint Petersburg label: spina!rec Like a spider hanging from the web-like material coming from its own ass, the ‘He Needs Someone to … Continue reading

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CYBORGS ON CRACK – Industrial polka classics

artist: CYBORGS ON CRACK title: Industrial polka classics keywords: croatia electronic greece acid coldwave cyberpunk dark synth darkwave ebm electro experimental electronic industrial new beat post-punk retrosynth synthwave label: Werkstatt Recordings http://werkstattrecordings.blogspot.gr/ Cyborgs On Crack are at it by pretending … Continue reading

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Vlimmer – lll​/​llll (Limited Edition Box)

artist: Vlimmer title: lll/llll (Limited Edition Box) keywords: ambient berlin electronic alexander leonard donat darkwave drone gothic indie noise post-punk post-rock shoegaze synthpop synthwave wave Königs Wusterhausen label: Blackjack Illuminist Records Are you happy and ready to be sad? Is … Continue reading

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Electrosexual – Art Support Remix [Album]

artist: Electrosexual title: Art Support Remix [Album] keywords: darkwave electronic electropop french electronic queer synthpop techno electropop pop techno and variations Berlin Electrosexual has a new album out. It’s not completely new perhaps as the tracks on it might sound … Continue reading

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Lucifer’s Dream – Remember EP

artist: Lucifer’s Dream title: Remember EP keywords: electronic darkpop darkwave new wave synthpop synthwave Amsterdam reviewer: Willem van O. Lucifer’s Dream is like lucid night dreaming on a poppy stream of synthesizer bubbles and persuasive vocals of deep love. It … Continue reading

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Amit Buium – Void

artist:  Amit Buium title: Void keywords: alternative electronic alternative dance alternative pop alternative rock ambient ambient pop darkwave dream pop ethereal wave indie rock indietronica new wave post-rock synthpop Israel Amit Buium is a (at the time of writing) 17 … Continue reading

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Witch House (an insider/outsider look + recommendations)

Witch House (an insider look + recommendations) words by: Willem van O. & secret Witch House informant. Witch House is a house full of witches.’ Think that series that you’ve never have seen ‘Full House’ with all cast members (even … Continue reading

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