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{AN} Eel – {EeL}~ Ixer – Vol 1 ::Performance Relic

Artist: {AN} Eel title: {EeL}~ Ixer – Vol 1 ::Performance Relic keywords: avant-garde country death metal experimental experimental vocal technique glitch improvised noise rock improvised music noise Toronto “This album was conceived around a relatively straight forward process. Participants would … Continue reading

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Jehovah The Satyr – Philanthrope

Artist: Jehovah The Satyr title: Philanthrope keywords: alternative diy indonesia melodic deathcore death metal electro melodic death metal metal oustsider music singer-songwriter Kraków label: Weakiediscs https://www.weakiediscs.yolasite.com/ Jehovah The Satyr is a responsible band that knows how effective the shock element … Continue reading

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HumanHate666 / WeAreAllSlaves – HumanHate666 / WeAreAllSlaves Split

Artist: HumanHate666 / WeAreAllSlaves title: HumanHate666/ WeAreAllSlaves Split keyords: experimental, noise, death metal, doom, electronic, industrial noise, Germany reviewer: Simon Hit Instead of relaxing at a spa, it’s a good time to spend some fun at ‘Blast Spass’, a rollercoaster … Continue reading

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agnès pe – esputo aastal fraggle n’rock

Artist: agnès pe title: esputo aastal fraggle n’rock keywords: devotional, madrid, amorphous, emotional, hardmidimetal, hospital, impressionist, melodic, death metal, organ Everyone’s favorite agnès pe covers the theme song of everyone’s favorite Jim Henson’s live action puppet series called ‘Fraggle rock’. … Continue reading

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Dysylumn – Conceptarium EP

artist: Dysylumn title: Conceptarium EP cat: Siti667 keywords: death metal, black metal label: Sirona-Records http://sirona-records.com/ If you are into symphonic death metal with great guitar riffs, tight drums and a angry villain slaying his own vocal in sacrifice for the … Continue reading

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Various Artists – A Tribute To Satan (Siro666)

Artists: Various Title: A Tribute To Satan Label: Sirona-Records Cat#: Siro666 Keywords: Death Metal, Black Metal, Dark Ambient, Noise, Industrial, Hardcore, Drone, Experimental, Doom, Electronica, Grindcore, Other Reviewer: Satan We are in Hell… we see flames everywhere. Menacing daemons, too hideous … Continue reading

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Gary Mother Fucking Oak – Rebirth (KOF 155)

Artist: Gary Mother Fucking Oak Title: Rebirth Label: Kitty On Fire Records Kat#: KOF 155 Keywords: 8-bit, Electronic, Chiptune, Cybergrind, E-Grind, Grindcore, Hardcore, Metalcore, Neo-Noise, Nintendocore, Punk, Videogame Reviewer: Alex Spalding If there are those of you who love NES-style … Continue reading

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