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Jack Plug – Calles Verticales

Artist: Jack Plug title: Calles Verticales keywords: techno, electronica, psychedelic, trance, descargar disco, label: Modismo http://www.modismo.cl Jack Plug pulled out the plug of whatever else was on my listening list. So long suckers’ Jack Plug must have thought when he … Continue reading

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Yogo Yolk – Bohemian Serenade

Artist: Yogo Yolk Title: Bohemian Serenade Keywords: electronic, experimental, avant-garde, disco, psychedelic, triphop Yogo Yolk has this eclectic little EP sitting on her bandcamp account which fits the style of one of her fun live video: A video in which … Continue reading

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La Tigresa del Oriente & friends

I know we have been acting rather serious around here lately, and this post will simply underline our seriousness just one more time. I have fallen in love, not in the traditional sense of the word, but in love in … Continue reading

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Yogo Yolk – Yogo Yolk

Artist: Yogo Yolk title: Yogo Yolk keywords: bauhaus edm electronic experimental glasgow innovative scotland avant-garde disco female psychedelic triphop trippy weed weird Yogo Yolk brings the juicy atmosphere of happy and groovy material, mixing the best things together for a … Continue reading

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Fratelli Stellari – Aglien Discomix

artist: Fratelli Stellari title: Aglien Discomix keywords: electronic aglien album alien dance disco discomix fratelli pleyad pop remix stellari studios techno ufo Florence label: Pleyad Studios Perhaps you are Italian, or perhaps you are coming from another part of the … Continue reading

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The Dub Vaders – Herbs & Trips

artist: The Dub Vaders title: Herbs & Trips keywords: dub, electronic, disco, weed, label: Modismo Netlabel http://www.modismo.cl/ The Dub Vaders are really doing it, they are providing the best dub works with deep base frequencies, spaced out percussion, and trip … Continue reading

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Yva & The Toy George – Love Toys & Molotovs

artist: Yva & The Toy George title: Love Toys & Molotovs keywords: electronic, disco, punk, electro, electropop, no-wave, pop, Belgrade A one girl band from Belgrade named Yva & The Toy George brings you the perfect electro groove pop rock … Continue reading

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