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Candyman – Goodbye, Goodbye Baby (LTR 72456)

Artist: Candyman Title: Goodbye, Goodbye Baby Label: Long Time Running Cat#: LTR 72456 Keywords: Electro, Funk, Disco Reviewer: Alex Spalding Get ready… … I’m about to throw down some funk… … BOOM! Yeah! Electro funk. I don’t know why I’m … Continue reading

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Stephen Paul Taylor – People Tonight

Artist: Stephen Paul Taylor title: People Tonight keywords: folk pop, rap, synthpop, disco, synthpop, Berlin artist website: http://stephenpaultaylor.net/  reviewer: Mark X Yesterday an important email landed in the mailbox. It was one hand typed by our head of Comment who … Continue reading

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Subchannels – Subchannels

Artist: Subchannels title: Subchannels keywords: experimental reviewer: Mark X Etc… Etc.. begins with a lot of Etc.. Etc.. which will take up a large space of the entire track. But don’t be afraid as there is dance music build around … Continue reading

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Mama Tits – Bad Girls (EP)

Artist: Mama Tits title: Bad Girls (EP) keywords: disco, electronic, funk, house label: Lybra records words by: Papa Penis Not today, Satan.. Not today! These are the wise words that passed the lips of the outspoken and proud ‘Mamma Tits’. … Continue reading

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Consumer – rB>C

artist: Consumer title: rB>C cat: SDM-010 format: tape / digital keywords: expérimental, noise, avant-garde, beats, disco, electronic, house-hop, soul-trash, industrial, loop, the best possible insane music out there!! label: SadoDaMascus http://www.sdmpdx.com/ This is a review of a cassette of Consumer’s … Continue reading

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Material Action – Politics of Touch

artist: Material Action title: Politics of Touch format: Tape / digital download keywords: ambient, chillwave, cosmic, disco , club, electro, electronic, gloomwave, gothic, rock, jazz-fusion, post-industrial, post-punk, wave, In case you don’t know them, (Shame on you!) Material Action is … Continue reading

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Reisebüro86 – Legitimate Sacrifice

artist: Reisebüro86 title: Legitimate Sacrifice keywords: ambient, dark, tribal, disco, weirdo, experimental, ambient, ritual noise There’s a soft crackling hiss coming from the speakers. Before we have any time to check the problem a loud rumbling appears through it. The … Continue reading

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AFA Presents… – Roncheras

Artists: Various title: AFA Presents… – Roncheras keywords: Mexican, 8bit, electronic, experimental, acoustic, electronica, disco, ranchera, sample-based, world music, summer hits! label: AFA presents http://afapresents.bandcamp.com Normally when we go through the doors of a selective club we expect gambling, dodgy … Continue reading

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Lee Rosevere – Twitter Will Kill Us All

artist: Lee Rosevere title: Twitter Will Kill Us All keywords: electronic, ambient, experimental, modern, classical pop, label: happy Puppy Records http://members.shaw.ca/happypuppyrecords/ Because even Yeah I Know It Sucks suffers from the great addiction to post their updates on shitter, we … Continue reading

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ショッピングワールドjp and SAINT PEPSI – Winner’s Circle (F500-19)

Artists: ショッピングワールドjp & SAINT PEPSI Title: Winner’s Circle Label: Fortune 500 Cat#: F500-19 Keywords: Experimental, Collabwave, Insomnia, Lofi, Nostalgic, Vaporwave Reviewer: Alex Spalding There are those who believe they’ve entered the winner’s circle when they’ve landed themselves in a high-rise … Continue reading

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