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Witch House (an insider/outsider look + recommendations)

Witch House (an insider look + recommendations) words by: Willem van O. & secret Witch House informant. Witch House is a house full of witches.’ Think that series that you’ve never have seen ‘Full House’ with all cast members (even … Continue reading

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Pollux / Doomettes – Photography of Nothing

Artists: Pollux / Doomettes Title: Photography of Nothing Keywords: ambient, black folk, dark ambient, doom, doom pop, drone, experimental, folk Polux’s Unreal Photography seriously captured a overwhelming style of electronic ambient. It is the music that is new and yet … Continue reading

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HumanHate666 / WeAreAllSlaves – HumanHate666 / WeAreAllSlaves Split

Artist: HumanHate666 / WeAreAllSlaves title: HumanHate666/ WeAreAllSlaves Split keyords: experimental, noise, death metal, doom, electronic, industrial noise, Germany reviewer: Simon Hit Instead of relaxing at a spa, it’s a good time to spend some fun at ‘Blast Spass’, a rollercoaster … Continue reading

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Those Damn Bloodsuckers – All That I Have. Nothing That You Want.

Artist: Those Damn Bloodsuckers title: All That I Have. Nothing That You Want. keywords: experimental, noise, ambient, lo-fi, electronic, dark ambient, doom, drone, minimal, minimalist, Pennsylvania reviewer: Willem van O. With something that sounds like an electronic woodblock in the … Continue reading

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HumanHate666 / GOOZE – Two Ways of Pain

artists: HumanHate666 / GOOZE title: Two Ways of Pain cat: 577 keywords: chaos, death, metal, doom, experimental, grind core, industrial, insanity, noise, jazz, Germany label: Shitnoise reviewer: Simon Hit A split between the German Humanhate666 & Canadian GOOZE is probably … Continue reading

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Stone Titan – Scratch ‘N Sniff

Artist: Stone Titan title: Scratch ‘N Sniff format: 12” (limited to 300) keywords: punk, rock, doom, garage, psychedelic, punk, sludge, stoner rock reviewer: Willem van O. Stone Titan’s scratch ‘n sniff is like a train wreck pushed by a angry … Continue reading

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1/2 Southern North – Noise the Ether John (exp. rec.)

artist: 1/2 Southern Northtitle: Noise the Ether John (exp. rec.)keywords: aieatoric, ambient, doom, drone, experimental, noise Noise the ether John (not to be confused with ‘noise of the Elton John’) is a release by IDVex that consists of four experimental … Continue reading

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Yama – Ananta

artist: Yama title: Ananta keywords: doom, psychedelic, rock, stoner rock reviewer: Willem van O. Yama’s Ananta is the Heavy site of metal stoner rock processed into a heck of a solid tune. The electric guitar blast its way around and … Continue reading

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Faunlet – Fauna of the heart Flora from beyond

artist: Faunlet title: Fauna of the heart Flora from beyond keywords: alternative, dark, shoe gaze, doom, fuzz, goth, post punk, post rock, Faunlet is Peter on the vocals, guitar and keyboard, Mihai Molodoi on the bass and Andrei Dobos on … Continue reading

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Various Artists – A Tribute To Satan (Siro666)

Artists: Various Title: A Tribute To Satan Label: Sirona-Records Cat#: Siro666 Keywords: Death Metal, Black Metal, Dark Ambient, Noise, Industrial, Hardcore, Drone, Experimental, Doom, Electronica, Grindcore, Other Reviewer: Satan We are in Hell… we see flames everywhere. Menacing daemons, too hideous … Continue reading

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