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(o)†hers – Wʜᵼ†ᴐҥ Fɪc†ɪоɴ

artist: (o)†hers title: Wʜᵼ†ᴐҥ Fɪc†ɪоɴ keywords: devotional, ambient, electronic, drag, drone, horror, witch house, Germany label: Whi†e http://whiteceiling.bandcamp.com/ Ron D’Andrea’s (o)†hers is back with one of the strangest releases on the Whi†e label yet. It’s name is Wʜᵼ†ᴐҥ Fɪc†ɪоɴ  and … Continue reading

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(o)†hers – NEEDS

Artist: (o)†hers title: NEEDS keywords: dead house, ebm, experimental, idm, ambient, drag, witchouse, cold spring Individuals all have different needs. One needs to change its diaper and another person needs to drastically take a shower. Somebody needs a drink and … Continue reading

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▐░†_▲NTI_†░▌- Dislexia

Artist: ▐░†_▲NTI_†░▌ title: Dislexia keywords: experimental, drag, glitter punk, gothic punk reviewer: the bearded lady Dislexia by ▐░†_▲NTI_†░▌ is one single track that is a little longer than a minute or two. Even though that might not be very long … Continue reading

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(o)†HERS – What Happened To Laurie Burk.? (None)

Artist: (o)†HERS Title: What Happened To Laurie Burk.? Label: Glorey Whole Entertainment Cat#: None Keywords: EDM, Experimental, IDM, Ambient, Drag, Drone, EBM, Power Electronics, Witch House Reviewer: Alex Spalding What happened to her? I still don’t know after this But … Continue reading

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(o)†HERS – What happened to Laurie Burk.?

Artist: (o)†HERS title: What happened to Laurie Burke.? keywords: edm, experimental, idm, ambient, drag, drone, power electronics, with house label: Glorey Hole Entertainment http://gloreywhole.bandcamp.com Sometimes a requested review takes longer than usual to be reviewed; in most cases because it’s … Continue reading

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 – Drag Addiction

Artist: (o)†hers
Title: Drag Addiction
Label: Glorey Whole EntertainmentKeywords: Drag coversReviewer: Johan Nederpel If you like a bit of slow pulsating synth tracks, like me, than Drag is one of those genres that really can get you in a slow moving peace-of-mind state. A lot of the … Continue reading

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