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Luna Arakawa – CATape 01

Artist: Luna Arakawa title: CATape 01 format: extremely limited tape / unlimited digital files keywords: electronic experimental abstract ambient avant-garde classical dream pop drone drone ambient modern classical noise piano shoegaze Toronto The promise of videos and pictures of cats … Continue reading

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Whales – The Music Of Sound

artist: Whales title: The Music Of Sound keywords: rock birthmark blue chicago cookies david lynch dream pop dreampop heavenrock noisepop prf shoegaze strange connection Chicago reviewer: Willem van O. ‘The hills are alive with the music of sound’ Nope, no … Continue reading

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Mark Williams – NUMB

artist: Mark Williams title: NUMB keywords: diy, pop, bass, pop, chill, dream, pop, electro, pop, electronic, glitter, pop, indie pop, synth pop ,California There is no artist in the world that is worth your time then the one and only … Continue reading

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Mmöner – Misty Skin

Artist: Mmöner title: Misty Skin keywords: alternative, cosmos, alien, dream pop, experimental, electronic, lunar house, outer space, psychotic, vaporwave, witch house, techno Misty Skin is a story about ghosts, phantoms, as well as invisible beings and what is happening on … Continue reading

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VISITORS – Hello World / 2012 VISITORS

Artist: VISITORS title: Hello World / 2012 VISITORS keywords: electronic, dream pop, pop, electropop, Nijmege, electronic, robots, sci-fi, space, vocoder, Nijmegen, Bertin van Vliet, videos label: Bareuh records (tape) / self released words by: Victor Isitor Welcome dear visitors of … Continue reading

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Zach And The Imaginaries – Vieilles Cassettes

Artist: Zach And The Imaginaries title: Vieilles Cassettes keywords: alternative, experimental, shoegaze, folk, dream pop, hip hop, real shit, lo-fi, indie folk, shoegazer, Quebec City A while ago Zach and the Imaginaries made an album in which Zach was drastically … Continue reading

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Laundry League – Fed (None)

Artist: Laundry League Title: Fed Label: None Cat#: None Keywords: Electronic, Dream Pop, Experimental, Indie, Shoegaze Reviewer: Alex Spalding Ever since I first laid ears on the dreamy electronic sounds of the Laundry League, I’ve felt as if I’ve washed … Continue reading

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Remedies – Trap

Artist: Remedies title: Trap keywords: experimental, bedroom pop, dream pop, indie, psych pop, reviewer: A. Believer Justin Bieber destroyed the meaning of the word ‘Believers’ by merging his sure name to this normally meaningful word that stands for ‘believing in … Continue reading

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The Carbuncles – Illusion Of Love (None)

Artist: The Carbuncles Title: Illusion Of Love Label: None Cat#: None Keywords: Electronic, Ambient, Dream Pop, Pop, Shoegaze Reviewer: Alex Spalding Have you ever been wandering and heard a tiny piece of music drift by that sounded and felt like … Continue reading

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Mark Williams – Romantically Obsessed

Artist: Mark Williams Title: Romantically Obsessed keywords:electronic, pop, alternative, dream pop, indie, synthpop, synthwave Reviewer: Audio Hater Hi! I’m Audiohater. It has been a while back since my last review appeared on Yeah I Know It Sucks but here I … Continue reading

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