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Sam and the Womp – East Meets West

Artist: Sam and the Womp title: East Meets West keywords: dreamstep, brass, pop, party, anthem, video website: http://www.samandthewomp.com/ When actor Clint Eastwood meets up with fashion designer Vivienne Westwood what would they do? Would it turn into a cowboy movie … Continue reading

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Bloomtube on the Bloombox

I’ve always advocated throwing televisions out of the window, but somehow I thought it wasn’t really the television itself that I hated, but more the brainwashing and other nonsensical content that was broadcasted towards it. Lately I had been recovering … Continue reading

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Bloom – Looking Glass

artist: Bloom title: Looking Glass keywords: 2step garage dance pop Don’t wake me up as I’m just about to dream up a mega review. The future is here and you (dear loyal reader) are in mine! So glad you could … Continue reading

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Bloom – Animal Spirit

Artist: Bloom title: Animal Spirit keywords: cats, analogue, dubstep, synth, trumpet,dreamstep,singer songwriter Reviewer: Diederik Jan Van Lolastein If you have been following this ‘place’ you might have heard of Bloom. Our delicious interviewer KN is still recovering from their beloved … Continue reading

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Sacha Müller – Der Läufer

Artist: Sacha Müller title:  Der Läufer cat: 1.44!005 format: Floppy keywords: ambient, electronic, dance, summer, house, chill-out, floppy label: 1.44! https://sites.google.com/site/144floppylabel/Home Softly banging your head to a tune is a recommended mandatory while blazing the chillingly summer relaxing vibes that … Continue reading

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Vote for Bloom

Vote for Bloom! Voting sucks. The hassle to go out and face the weather and vote on someone you don’t know.. It really does suck… But not today! Not today on YIKIS! Thanks to our highly biased content, behind the … Continue reading

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Bloom – The World For You

Artist: Bloom title: The World For You keywords: Dreamstep, pop, brass, bass, dance, beats A heart can be placed and kept in so many things; cupboards, a sock, a little fancy wooden box, or the more usual reserved place inside … Continue reading

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Bloom <3 inter-wieuw by KN

–Bloom ❤ inter-wieuw by KN– Out on a remote tropical private island in the cortex of the Bahamas a pop-up YIKIS studio camp had been setup. Here your professional host KN sits and awaits a long awaited special guest for … Continue reading

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Bloom – Animal Spirit

Artist: Bloom Title: Animal Spirit Keywords: dreamstep, song, harmonium, brass, analogue, tape, synth, trumpet, cats, meow Sorry for disturbing your internet time watching cute cats and other furry friends. But there is this music that you simply need to hear: … Continue reading

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