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Julia Cablesweater – Julia Cablesweater

Artist: Julia Cablesweater title: Julia Cablesweater keywords: experimental, jazz, drone, ambient, electronic, techno, intoxication, pop, melodic, dance, drums label: Glitch City http://www.koindozer.org/glitchcity/ The beginning of Julia Cablesweater self-titled album is one that brings a free style avant jazz style in rhythms, but … Continue reading

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Quint Baker – Psychic Cat’z Bunny Castle

artist: Quint Baker title: Psychic Cat’z Bunny Castle keywords: alien pop band alternative experimental quint baker dada drums guitar guitars outsider outsider music singer-songwriter unique Los Angeles Quint Baker is one of the favorite artists whose music keeps pleasantly infiltrating … Continue reading

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Arnvs – Another Soundtrack to Anxiety

artist: Arnvs title: Another Soundtrack to Anxiety keywords: acid, ambient, drone, Mexico, saturation, classical, drums, experimental, minimalism label: Σшρτγ This music offers us an escape from above, slowly lowering our senses into the deeper depths of a seemingly bottomless pit. … Continue reading

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RK11111111111 – DnB Nova Fantasy

Artist: RK11111111111 title: DnB Nova Fantasy keywords: video, bass, drums, fantasy DnB Nova Fantasy is not a fantasy anymore but more a reality; you can plug in and watch and hear it with your own eyes and ears thanks to … Continue reading

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Ili Pika – Epikany

Artist: Ili Pika title: Epikany keywords: alternative, experimental, avant-garde, clarinet, drums, duet, free improvisation, odd, strange, weird, woodwind reviewer: Intoxicated Theo To get into the mood for the big slaughter of a rabbit, turkey and peacock for our non-vegetarian friendly … Continue reading

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BUG – sediment

artist: BUG title: sediment format: CD / digital keywords: experimental, industrial, noise, uplifting, beats, drone, ambient, label: Attenuation Circuit http://www.attenuationcircuit.de/ Are you ready to fly? To lift off? To engage in an upwards moment just by fueling your senses up … Continue reading

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Baptiste Boiron & Chris Silver T – soliloque

Artists: Baptiste Boiron & Chris Silver T title: soliloque  keywords: experimental, alto saxophone, drums, electronics label: ozky e-sound Netlabel Elephants dressed in tutu on massive ballet shoes, together with pirouetting hippos in equal fashion are twirling and dancing around graciously … Continue reading

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Jelle Buma – Sweach

Artist: Jelle Buma Title: Sweach Keywords: drums, groove, noise, experimental, beats, video Forget the Das Autobahn from the robot lovers named Kraftwerk, and focus on the autobahn presented in the video for ‘Sweach’ by drummer Jelle Buma. These graphics are … Continue reading

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Evan Marien – Koslov Club

artist: Evan Marien title: Koslov Club keywords: electro jazz, jazz fusion, electronic, drun & bass, bass, drums, funk, fusion Evan Marien is a Brooklyn based bassist / producer, but thanks to the internet we can pick up the ‘vibes’ of … Continue reading

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