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TV Messiah – Fuck You Up Like LSD

Artist: TV Messiah Title: Fuck You Up Like LSD Keywords: dubstep, electronic, tune, dance, alternative, TV messiah is back on crack and this time this luxurious duo of TV priests of the order of dubstepraveraphip-hop madness gave birth to a … Continue reading

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Burial – Rival Dealer

Artits: Burial Title: Rival Dealer Label: Hyperdub http://www.hyperdub.net Cat#: (HDB080) Keywords: 2-step ambient house, dubstep, trip-hop, experimental, Samples, future garage. Reviewer: Cameron Thomson Rival Dealer is the seventh extended play by British electronic music artist Burial. It was issued by record … Continue reading

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BASSOUND – Noise of Warehouse

artist: BASSOUND title: Noise of Warehouse cat: Ephedrin7” keywords: IDM, electronica, electronic, dubstep, abstract, beats label: Ephedrina Netlabel http://ephedrinanetlabel.wordpress.com/ Imagine E.T.’phoning home an intelligent dance session of electronica, you will expect some high making alien synth sounds among strange communication … Continue reading

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Marino69 – Intergalactic EP

artist: Marino69 Title: Intergalactic EP Cat: mld_028 keywords: cinematic, electronic, dubstep label: Melodica Netlabel www.melodica-netlabel.com Welcome aboard, buckle up and put your headfones on your ears. Spaceship Melodica netlabel is ready to fly. Our target is intergalactic sound filled with a … Continue reading

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Blood on the Dance Floor – Evolution

Artists: Blood on the Dance FloorTitle: EvolutionLabel: Dark Fantasy RecordsKeywords: Pop, Electro, Dubstep, Rock, Goth, Scream-oReviewer: Johan Nederpel Oh my god! We at YIKIS normally review all kinds of music except for popular main-stream sounds. I think it’s time we change that. KN already reviewed … Continue reading

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Pumpking – Nightmare B-sides

artist: Pumpking title: Nightmare B-Sides cat: Siro273 keywords: house, dubstep label: Sirona Records http://www.sirona-records.com The first track on this short release is an original track by Pumpking called “The Reaperafter a string of love”. This work starts when a pounding … Continue reading

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Various Artists – NEW 8.0

Artists: Various Title: NEW 8.0 cat: NEW008 keywords: electronica,IDM,dubstep,ambient,dance label: Esc.rec http://www.escrec.com N.E.W. is a platform and network for producers in Gelderland and Overijssel . Every year they release with the help of Esc.rec a compilation of 12 tracks to … Continue reading

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Hynra – Super Mandrive

artist: Hynra title: Super Mandrive cat: Siro561 format: 320 kbps mp3 keywords: Dubstep label: Sirona Records http://sirona-records.com/ When you are aware that dubstep is being played through the speakers in the gigantic shopping centers in Bangkok (Thailand), you cannot deny … Continue reading

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Alyiann – Journey

artist: Alyiann title: Journey cat: Siro541 format: mp3 320 kbps label: Sirona Records It has been a while since i could find words to write and i am still a bit on the brainless side. Perhaps it has been all … Continue reading

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Alyiann – Sensual Sign

Artist: Alyiann title: Sensual Sign cat: Siro153 format: mp3 320 kbps keywords: dubstep label: Sirona Records http://www.sirona-records.com/ An acquaintance of me that I met in real life always post on facebook how horrible the music from others is. Especially (he … Continue reading

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