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Crever – Konstruktivist

Artist: Crever Title: Konstruktivist Keywords: ambient ebm electronic experimental industrial noise rhythmic noise The Netherlands Crever spews out the sound like smoke from a smoke machine. Once the ears are full fog Crever hits the slow warrior drum into the … Continue reading

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Bloque del Sur – Periferia

artist: loque del Sur title: Periferia keywords: dembow experimental reggaeton cumbia e.b.m ebm electroacoustic electronic body music free form industrial italo tropical bass Argentina label: Pakapi Records http://pakapi.hotglue.me/ reviewer: Willem van O. Time for an electronic beat, and nothing beats … Continue reading

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CYBORGS ON CRACK – Industrial polka classics

artist: CYBORGS ON CRACK title: Industrial polka classics keywords: croatia electronic greece acid coldwave cyberpunk dark synth darkwave ebm electro experimental electronic industrial new beat post-punk retrosynth synthwave label: Werkstatt Recordings http://werkstattrecordings.blogspot.gr/ Cyborgs On Crack are at it by pretending … Continue reading

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Various Artists – E-Con Records – Project Stardust

artists: Various Title: E-Con Records – Project Stardust keywords: ambient e-con records ebm edm electronic electronica melbourne Australia Project Stardust is a huge compilation full of electronic – synthesize-friendly dance able music with a continues space theme in mind. Next … Continue reading

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Santiago Paskuda – Cradle my Rock

artist: Santiago Paskuda title: Cradle my Rock keywords: experimental, industrial, metal, dark wave, ebm, industrial, witch house, Zaporizhzhya To be an artist that produces music that is in the middle of genres that normally can’t stand the sight of each … Continue reading

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Vandalaze – Fax Head Said (video)

Artist: Vandalaze title: Fax Head Said (video) keywords: ebm, electronic, techno, funk, industrial, leftfield, slimewave, synthpop, vaporwave, Sareamento label: Slime Trax https://www.facebook.com/slimetrax words by: Anna Nonymous It’s retrospective time, a flash back to the eighties, a disco electro memory made … Continue reading

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(o)†hers – NEEDS

Artist: (o)†hers title: NEEDS keywords: dead house, ebm, experimental, idm, ambient, drag, witchouse, cold spring Individuals all have different needs. One needs to change its diaper and another person needs to drastically take a shower. Somebody needs a drink and … Continue reading

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Various Artists – Astral Data Tape

Artists: Various title: Astral Data Tape format: Cassette (limited edition) / digital keywords: ambient, coldwave, cyberpunk, ebm, electro, electronic, gloomwave, hard beat, industrial, minimal, new beat, post-punk, witch-wave, withchouse label X.O.S. Musick http://xosrecords.bandcamp.com X.O.S. Musick has been doing some very … Continue reading

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Vandalaze – Dog Jerk (Official Video)

  Artist: Vandalaze Title: Dog Jerk (Official Video) keywords: mutant slimewave The word ‘Vandalaze’ sounds to me like a posh name for vandalism. ‘Excuse me, I hope you don’t mind that I’m throwing these heavy but expansive stones through the … Continue reading

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Various Artists – Weird Foods (STX 002)

Artists: Various Title: Weird Foods Label: Slimetrax Recordings Cat#: STX 002 Keywords: EBM, House, Techno, Ambient, Downtempo, Industrial, Synthpop, Vaporwave Reviewer: Alex Spalding Wowee zowee, have I got a compilation for you? Yes, I do! It’s called Weird Foods and … Continue reading

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