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Alex Spalding – One (Alex Spalding 56kbps Drum Remix)

Artist: Alex Spalding Title: One (Alex Spalding 56kbps Drum Remix) Keywords: lobit, electro The exact replica of myself made one day a concept album named ‘One’. (https://archive.org/details/0kbps033) The idea was simple; my exact replica used one sample for all the … Continue reading

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TFG – Marathon Gay Sex For Manly Men

artist: TFG title: Marathon Gay Sex For Manly Men keywords:metal comedy rock electro grindcore homocore pop queercore New York Perhaps you have always wondered; what is it that manly men do? What is it that makes manly men so manly? … Continue reading

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Precursor – Wanderlust

Artist: Precursor Title: Wanderlust keywrods: bass basserk electro electronic idm ambient ambient electronic bass electronica idm street trap weird Amsterdam label: Basserk http://www.basserk.com/ Oh dear wanderlust inside of me and inside of you dear reader… Wandering about and all over … Continue reading

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irrlicht project – The Great Escape

Artist: irrlicht project title: The Great Escape keywords: electronic, chiptune, dance, lo-fi, pop, drone, alternative, space, label: Proc-Records http://www.proc-records.net/ artist on the web: http://irrlichtproject.de/ Everyone who needs some time off should go and listen to The Great Escape by irrlicht … Continue reading

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Bottlesmoker – POLARITY EP 2016

artist: Bottlesmoker title: POLARITY EP 2016 keywords: electronic, electropop, alternative, electro Bottlesmoker being ‘Bottlesmoker’ might seem to suggest that the artist smokes his bottles like a vegetarian eats it’s veggies. But the music of Bottlesmoker’s brand new EP doesn’t sound … Continue reading

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Quibus – Save Some

artist: Quibus title: Save Some keywords: electronic, ambient, pop, alternative, dreampop, electro dreaming, dance, down tempo, chill, artist on the web: http://www.soundcloud.com/Quibus / http://www.facebook.com/Quibusmusic label: Shipwrec http://www.shipwrec.org/ Wellknown Knarsetand producer ‘Martijn Holtslag’ just delivered an new release out on Shipwrec … Continue reading

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Machinefabriek & Philippe Petit – Angry Ambient Artists Vol​.​1

artists: Machinefabriek & Philippe Petit title: Angry Ambient Artists Vol.1 keywords: ambient drone electro-acoustic industrial noise Manchester label: Forwind http://www.forwind.net/ On side a there is the very angry ambient artist named ‘Machinefabriek’ with an angry ambient track named ‘Graniet’. The … Continue reading

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Catherine Meeson – Contemplating Buddha

artist: Catherine Meeson title: Contemplating Buddha keywords: electro pop ambient electrofolk electronic music electrorock ethereal neo-psychadelia new age music soundscape space music Melbourne artist website: http://www.catherinemeeson.com/ Catherine Meeson is a singer songwriter electro acoustic composer living in Melbourne Australia. She … Continue reading

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The Cryovolcano – 011

artist: The Cryovolcano title: 011 format: Floppy Diskette  digital keywords: lobit, electronic, industrial, pop, electronicpop, alternative The latest album by the one and only lobit legend The Cryovolcano brings the legend back to the floppy pops of tops! Self-released on … Continue reading

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V.A – Modismo 4

artists: Various title: Modismo 4 keywords: contemporary electro label: modismo http://www.modismo.cl/ Dear people, there might be a little bit of alcohol dripping down the words of this review. Don’t blame me, but the makers of the alcohol. In any way, … Continue reading

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