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Jack Plug – Calles Verticales

Artist: Jack Plug title: Calles Verticales keywords: techno, electronica, psychedelic, trance, descargar disco, label: Modismo http://www.modismo.cl Jack Plug pulled out the plug of whatever else was on my listening list. So long suckers’ Jack Plug must have thought when he … Continue reading

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Smooth4Lyfe – Video Game Remixes Vol. 3

Artist: Smooth4Lyfe title: Video Game Remixes Vol. 3 keywords: edm electronic hip hop club electronic dance music electronica hip hop remix vgm videogame music Silver Spring At first I was skeptical, as it was almost too much of a good … Continue reading

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Deafness – Space Tourism

Artist: Deafness Title: Space Tourism Keywords: lobit, electronica Label: Counting Clouds Reviewer: Leo Obit “deafness is the lobit (low bitrate) electronic project of the prolific Russian musician Mad God, who is also behind the high-quality ambient washes of Steamflow and … Continue reading

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Brunnen – Selbst

Artist: Brunnen title: Selbst keywords: Electronica, Experimental label: Sirona Records http://www.sirona-records.com/ Brunnen uses the smoothness of sound to penetrate the ears and other parts of the skin with enough natural lubricant to fall over if you aren’t careful. The wet … Continue reading

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Ghost of Wood – Behold, A Pale Horse

Artist: Ghost of Wood title: Behold, A Pale Horse keywords: ambient dark ambient drone electronica experimental orchestral ufo weird London It must be our lucky day to fall into the sound of ‘Twin Star’ a melodious work of synthesizer simplicity … Continue reading

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Myriam Bleau – Soft Revolvers

Artist: Myriam Bleau title: Soft Revolvers keywords: experimental, electronic, live music, lights, video, performance website: http://www.myriambleau.com/ Modern deejays twirling discs or vinyl in round circles, twisting nobs on mixing desks and some play with effects on the side. The rich … Continue reading

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Kösmonaut – Master Generator

Artist: Kösmonaut title: Master Generator format: limited CD / digital keywords: electronic idm ambient cancer drone electronica industrial leukemia Alameda label: http://timereleasedsound.com/ Down in the waiting room we wait and listen to ‘Waiting Room’. The sound of sterile surroundings, slight … Continue reading

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