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The Sky Blues – salt (video)

Artist: The Sky Blues title: salt (video) keywords: alternative folk alternative emo folk indie indie folk Perth reviewer: Art Gartfunkel You ever walked into a prestige museum and found a painting that makes you wish you hadn’t walked in because … Continue reading

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I can’t shit because I’m a tree. – demo 1

artist: I can’t shit because I’m a tree. title: demo 1 keywords: punk demo emo folk punk shit-mo shitter-songwriter singer-songwriter Rotterdam reviewer: Simon Hit I can’t shit because I’m a tree is apparently a certain singing and guitar playing character … Continue reading

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Vacation Forever – Mid Ohio At Midnight

artist: Vacation Forever title: Mid Ohio At Midnight keywords: indierock rock emo mathrock postpunk Columbus A Vacation Forever is a bit like Hell but then without the eternal pain of being in the flames. Don’t get me wrong there might … Continue reading

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Treehouse – Centre Of Their World

artist: Treehouse title: Centre Of Their World format: limited Cassette / unlimited digital keywords: devotional hobart melbourne punk band emotive record label treehouse Melbourne label: Vacant Valley https://vacantvalley.bigcartel.com/ reviewer: Willem van O. Music that made me want to wear a … Continue reading

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Mikie Mayo as “Meezus” – Prayer Hand Emoji

artist: Mikie Mayo as “Meezus” title: Prayer Hand Emoji keywords: emo rap self love opera dedicated to Kanye West artist on the web: https://soundcloud.com/mikie-mayo/set Most people have something to believe in, it can be anything, from a Greek god to … Continue reading

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Dirk Frazel – Randy’s Bacon

Artist: Dirk Frazel title: Randy’s Bacon keywords: emo, punk, diy, post-hardcore, screamz, screamo, twinkle, Springfield reviewer: Loza Sampsonite Hi there, welcome at YIKIS, the Springfield weekend edition. The place to look when in search for music coming out of Springfield! … Continue reading

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Sueisntfine – S/T

Artist: Sueisntfine title: S/T keywords: noisecore, emo violence format: floppy disk label: Friendly Otter http://friendlyotter.storenvy.com/ reviewer: Fred Oppy From Belgrade, Serbia, comes Sueisntfine. A project described as urban blight and unchecked consumerist. Nobody knows exactly what this means music wise, … Continue reading

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Breaking Traditions – Vanity

Artist: Breaking Traditions title: Vanity keywords: alternative, pop, punk, emo, indie, rock, new jersey, philly pop, post-rock, reviewer: Willem van O. Breaking Traditions is a good useful hobby to have, you know; every day wake up randomly, at a random … Continue reading

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Senpai Suicide Club – Expansion Pak

Artist: Senpai Suicide Club title: Expansion Pak keywords: electronic, bitgrind, chiptune, emo, experimental, post-cybergrind, midigrind, neo-noise label: Kitty on fire records http://www.facebook.com/kittyonfire# reviewer: Willem van O. Are You There God? It’s Me, Snake’ is the first encounter my ears have … Continue reading

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artist: DAGS! title: S/T format: 12” vinyl keywords: emo, Italian, punk rock, shoegaze, tropical, alternative, indie, math rock, post hardcore, punk, punk rock labels: To Lose La Track / Neat is Murder records reviewer: Willem van O. Its weekend, time … Continue reading

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