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Zalys – Sublime

Artist: Zalys title: Sublime format: limited CD  / digital keywords: ambient electronic industrial ambient atmospheric dark ambient drone futuristic industrial sci-fi space space ambient France Electronic artist Zalys is yesterday’s discovery on the always interesting Feminatronic website. And if you … Continue reading

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ßęđŧīmĕ Šŧōŗĩėş – Āłmįģħŧŷ Đęįŧįęŝ Kįŝŝįŋģ

Artist: ßęđŧīmĕ Šŧōŗĩėş Title: Āłmįģħŧŷ Đęįŧįęŝ Kįŝŝįŋģ keywords: electronic classical opera witch witch house France Ït śtärtš wïth â träçk nãmêd Āłmįģħŧŷ Đęįŧįęŝ Kįŝŝįŋģ (W H I † E Remix) whïçh ïñśtâñtłÿ ïñdùçëd â šürrêãł dårk rómâñtíç ßmöøth ātmòsphéré tò … Continue reading

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SRVTR – SRVTR/ pulse 2.0

Artist: SRVTR title: SRVTR/ pulse 2.0 keywords: electronic ambient dark industrial noise techno France reviewer: Anomalous Alcoholidius Another day, another good excuse to let the music take you to somewhere that you will never arrive. It’s not a case of … Continue reading

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Duke S. – ○Ж۩ﺚ◘Ψ•

Artist: Duke S. title: ○Ж۩ﺚ◘Ψ• keywords: devotional, exotica, musique concrete, percussive, France Duke S.’s album titled ‘○Ж۩ﺚ◘Ψ•’ is giving listeners the opportunity to feel like a bird spotter. You know about these characters? They hide in the bushes, in little … Continue reading

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Yôko Higashi – Dzera

Artist: Yôko Higashi title: Dzera keywords: electronic, electroacoustic, experimental, electronic, experimental, pop, France reviewer: Willem van O. Copy and pasted from the artist bandcamp page for informational exchange: Yôko Higashi – hamaYoko (born in Japan) is a performer, vocalist, butoh … Continue reading

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Tessa Martin – terriblement efficace

Artist: Tessa Martin title: terriblement efficace keywords: pop, French, dance, music video reviewer: Mark X Tessa Martin spots a fashionable goatee, an adorable smile and enough body and hand moves to make her song come out in the right style … Continue reading

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Mimi Kawouin (video)

artist: Mimi Kawouin keywords: strange beast, lullabies for colored nightmares, noise, weird, video The name of ‘Mimi’ is one that is quite popular among the cuter side of pets. Mimi Rabbits, Mimi hamsters, fluffy Mimi cats.. but Mimi is a name … Continue reading

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City Dragon – dogs dogs

Artist: City Dragon title: dogs dogs format: cassette / digital keywords: avant-garde, experimental, France, Paris, ambient, free jazz, jazz noise, noise pop, psychedelic, sound art, Reston label: Ingrown Records http://ingrown.wordpress.com/ reviewer: Willem van O. After scientists doing the two sided … Continue reading

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