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Electrosexual – Art Support Remix [Album]

artist: Electrosexual title: Art Support Remix [Album] keywords: darkwave electronic electropop french electronic queer synthpop techno electropop pop techno and variations Berlin Electrosexual has a new album out. It’s not completely new perhaps as the tracks on it might sound … Continue reading

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Laura Hurt & the Salo Panik – Post Contemporary Music

Hartist: Laura Hurt & the Salo Panik Title: Post Contemporary Music keywords: alternative, punk, rock, adult, contemporary, electro, freestyle, French, French touch, hardcore, jazz, post-rock, techno, Nice Hartist website: http://laurahurt.cabanova.com/ the Salo Panik website: http://salopanik.cabanova.com/ Recently we had received an … Continue reading

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Tessa Martin – terriblement efficace

Artist: Tessa Martin title: terriblement efficace keywords: pop, French, dance, music video reviewer: Mark X Tessa Martin spots a fashionable goatee, an adorable smile and enough body and hand moves to make her song come out in the right style … Continue reading

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Taiwan Bungalow – Le jour de ma mort

artist: Taiwan Bungalow title: Le jour de ma mort keywords: punk, punk rock, French, video Thanks to the French Sirona-records label owner Arnaud Barbe sharing enthusiastically a music video of a band that stars a work colleague of him; you can … Continue reading

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