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interview with EPP

It would be tempting to describe my love of the Eurovision Song Contest as a “guilty pleasure” but I can’t, because I don’t feel guilty about it. Unfortunately in recent years my love has been tested, it has become a … Continue reading

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Pluto Party – 生日快樂!

Artist: Pluto Party title: 生日快樂! Keywords: pop, fun, interesting, weird, Hong Kong reviewer: Psychic Peter Hello reader!!! Happy Birthday!! It’s your party today, my psychic abilities have shown me that today is the day that you have been born. Don’t … Continue reading

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Idiosync – Gigbits

Artist: Idiosync Title: Gigbits Keywords: electronic, dance, experimental, fun, uptempo, psychedelic Label: 56stuff http://56stuff.com/ Idiosync’s Gigbits starts the party super smooth, with nice strings, a deep male monstrous vocal that comes across like someone who would love to read out … Continue reading

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La Tigresa del Oriente & friends

I know we have been acting rather serious around here lately, and this post will simply underline our seriousness just one more time. I have fallen in love, not in the traditional sense of the word, but in love in … Continue reading

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Various Artists – Motion Recordings Compilation 2014

Artists: Various Title: Motion Recordings Compilation 2014 Keywords: devotional bucha boys dj 0.000001 dogmaster enis johnny fuckface jonah brown something else th’ mole Oakland 2014 was a good year & I remember listening to this Motion Recordings Compilation in that … Continue reading

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David Liebe Hart – Astronaut

Artist: David Liebe Hart title: Astronaut format: CD / Digital keywords: pop, rap, electronic, alternative, experimental, fun, soul, romance This is not only a very feel good album; it is also a helpful album. A bit like a self-help program … Continue reading

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AFA Presents… – My Invisible Friend Vol​.​2

Artists: Various title: My Invisible Friend Vol.2 keywords: experimental acoustic electronica world music labeL: AFA http://www.afasoundmachine.com/ Dear invisible friend(s), This is one of the most fun albums and concepts that are out there. The idea is simple, putting two artists … Continue reading

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