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Noelle Tannen & The Filthy No​-​Nos

Artist: Noelle Tannen  Title: Noelle Tannen & The Filthy No-Nos Keywords: indiesoul neo-soul r and b r&b r&b/soul rock soul soulpop funk horns jazz jazzpop singer-songwriter New York website: http://noelleandthefilthynonos.com/ Noelle Tannen & The Filthy No are putting the hand … Continue reading

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YesPinkPink – Bl00d EP

artist: YesPinkPink title: Bl00d EP keywords: experimental Leiden label: smikkelbaard There was a time YesPinkPink was all over my digital high way; friends recommended it, and indeed their shared photos of this artist had been promising a tasty artist with … Continue reading

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Nick Nikaydo – Enter The Dark

Artist: Nick Nikaydo title: Enter The Dark keywords: producer, electronic, beats, Roy reviewer: Willem van O. Nick Nikaydo brings the compactness in its finest rhythmic electronic forms. Four delicate delicious tunes in which it’s clear that production’s wise no money … Continue reading

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MMMM – Your Reaction – 1.44MB Floppy single

artist: MMMM title: Your Reaction – 1.44MB Floppy single format: floppy disk keywords: electronic, electro, punk, retro, 8-bit, dance, riot grrrl, super heroes, catchy, pop, rebel music MMMM is an electro-clash duo from Rīga, Latvia. Its members are Mega Medniex … Continue reading

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chēēZ π -The Clones of Dr. Funkenstein (2016)

artist: chēēZ π title:  The Clones of Dr. Funkenstein keywords: bootsy, dance, fatboy slim, funkadelic, george clinton, parliament, pfunk, chiptune, club, edm, electronic, funk, party label: FEUERSTEIN Records https://archive.org/details/feuersteinrecords The music to swing your hips rhythmically, to bring your head … Continue reading

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Cosmic Lemons – Lift Off

artist: Cosmic Lemons title: Lift Off keywords: funk youngstown oh cosmic dance dirty fun horns jam jazz fusion lemons party reggae space Youngstown Cosmic Lemons will cover your body like a space costume, insert a fat bass in your ass … Continue reading

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artist: NISULA title: FRECKLE keywords: ambient, dance, electronic, experimental, funk, hip-hop, Paris Raise the roof, Heath up your inner systems, get your ears ready for the instant party-tune sensation of the year! A track so cool if it would be … Continue reading

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c4 – proper nuance

Artist: c4 title: proper nuance keywords: electronic, ambient, techno, minimal, groove, experimental, glitch, funk, hypnotic, drone label: Proc Records http://proc-records.net/ The first release by C4 on the legendary netlabel Proc-Records was (and still is) ‘proper nuance’. It’s an historic music … Continue reading

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Corey B. – The Guitar Hero Sessions II

Artist: Corey B. title: The Guitar Hero Sessions II keywords: boogie-woogie, comedy, funk, funny, rock, rock & roll, scooby doo, stupid, Australia reviewer: Simon Cowbell First some lies: ‘Corey B’ the hottest and funkiest rock star on everyone’s notes to … Continue reading

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Alex Spalding – Implant Angel

Artist: Alex Spalding title: Implant Angel keywords: cosmic, wave, electro, electronic, funk, post-industrial, progressive, Springfield You won’t believe what happened to me? I left the yeah I know it sucks office for 3 days to inspect a museum (as you … Continue reading

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