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Material Action – Still Life

Artist: Material Action title: Still Life keywords: composition, cosmic, wave, electro, electronic, funk, improvisation, post-industrial, prog, progressive, soundtrack, Springfield Forget about Madonna’s Material Girl, and why not forget (temporarily) of the wonderful electronic music of Material Action. Material Action just … Continue reading

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Snail Rainbow – Never In Tune

Artist: Snail Rainbow title: Never In Tune keywords: electronic, experimental, folk, psychedelic, space, funk, enchantment, nonsense, whimsy, earth Snail Rainbow just released an album which you probably really should hear, to just believe it’s actually real. I mean I’ve seen … Continue reading

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Material Action – Mekanomikon [Instrumental]

Artist: Material Action title: Mekanomikon [Instrumental] keywords: cosmic wave, electro,electronic,funk,post-industrial,progressive, Springfield Everybody will interpret music in a different way; sometimes tracks just come as music and at other times music might be turning into fantasy scenes that you actually never … Continue reading

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Various Artists – Retrovision

Artists: Various title: Retrovision keywords: retro, vintage, jazz, blues, lo-fi, lounge, easy listening, smooth jazz, funk, groove, nostalgia label: Mixgalaxy Records Time for some lightweight retro-fantastic hip-shaking? Some jazzy Coltrane-ish side wiggling? Some drumrolls and vintage sounds? Some excellent music … Continue reading

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Evan Marien – Koslov Club

artist: Evan Marien title: Koslov Club keywords: electro jazz, jazz fusion, electronic, drun & bass, bass, drums, funk, fusion Evan Marien is a Brooklyn based bassist / producer, but thanks to the internet we can pick up the ‘vibes’ of … Continue reading

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Candyman – Goodbye, Goodbye Baby (LTR 72456)

Artist: Candyman Title: Goodbye, Goodbye Baby Label: Long Time Running Cat#: LTR 72456 Keywords: Electro, Funk, Disco Reviewer: Alex Spalding Get ready… … I’m about to throw down some funk… … BOOM! Yeah! Electro funk. I don’t know why I’m … Continue reading

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Vandalaze – Fax Head Said (video)

Artist: Vandalaze title: Fax Head Said (video) keywords: ebm, electronic, techno, funk, industrial, leftfield, slimewave, synthpop, vaporwave, Sareamento label: Slime Trax https://www.facebook.com/slimetrax words by: Anna Nonymous It’s retrospective time, a flash back to the eighties, a disco electro memory made … Continue reading

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Pogohm – Funky Drunk

Artist: Pogohm Title: Funky Drunk Keywords: dance, electro, techno, electronic, funk Sometimes it just happens; you drank the right amount of alcohol to get that funky feeling moving into your system. It’s good to know that there is music out … Continue reading

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Artist: NISULA title: JUNAIKA keywords: ambient, dance, electronic, experimental, funk, hip-hop, Paris reviewer: Willem van O. Put some sexy eighties flashbacks in a blender, spice up the disco elements and stir it all up until the juicy flexibility of spandex … Continue reading

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MushroomWavved Collar – Everything Ends

Artist: MushroomWavved Collar title: Everything Ends cat: 8R091 keywords: electronic, lobit, 8kbps label: 8Ravens http://8ravens.blogspot.com/ MushroomWavved Collar’s latest adventure on the 8kbps specialized label 8ravens starts with a extremely nice and chilled track named ‘elevator music’. The beginning might trigger … Continue reading

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