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Rootea – Brandlcast (live in F.Starter bar)

Artist: Rootea title: Brandlcast (live in F.Starter bar) keywords: experimental jazz fusion rock avant-garde experimental rock live improvisation psychedelic sludge Yekaterinburg Rootea’s magical trippy roots-tea comes in the shape of lively played music. It’s been given to visiting people who … Continue reading

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Obasquiat and Dancing Deadlips in Free Sonic Explorations- The Mindness

Artist: Obasquiat and Dancing Deadlips in Free Sonic Explorations title: The Mindness keywords: experimental free improvisation industrial noise progressive rock psychedelic ambient avant-garde dark ambient doom drone folk free jazz fusion jazz post-rock Don’t you worry if you are unable … Continue reading

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Cosmic Lemons – Lift Off

artist: Cosmic Lemons title: Lift Off keywords: funk youngstown oh cosmic dance dirty fun horns jam jazz fusion lemons party reggae space Youngstown Cosmic Lemons will cover your body like a space costume, insert a fat bass in your ass … Continue reading

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Millie Manders – Teddy

artist: Millie Manders title: Teddy keywords: singer songwriter, party hard, ska, pop, punk-rock, fusion, website: http://www.milliemanders.co.uk YouTube; Sometimes you just hop from one place to another, most of the times it’s unfruitful but sometimes you stumble upon the greatest things. … Continue reading

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MushroomWavedcollar – Distillation

Artist: MushroomWavedcollar title: Distillation keywords: experimental, chillout, dissociative, electronic, emotional, fusion, illbient, psychedelic, screwgaze, techno, witch house, город Смоленск MushroomWavedcollar doesn’t seem to have time for bullshit; no seconds are spilled and no minutes are wasted. Straight out of the … Continue reading

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Evan Marien – Koslov Club

artist: Evan Marien title: Koslov Club keywords: electro jazz, jazz fusion, electronic, drun & bass, bass, drums, funk, fusion Evan Marien is a Brooklyn based bassist / producer, but thanks to the internet we can pick up the ‘vibes’ of … Continue reading

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Rasplyn – Scenes Through the Magic Eye

artist: Rasplyn title: Scenes Through the Magic Eye keywords: expérimental, ambiant, avant-garde, classical, contemporary, electroacoustic, industrial, neoclassical, new age, world, fusion, Tampa label: Mythical Records http://www.mythicalrecords.com/ reviewer: Willem van O. Honesty is what counts in real reviews. Together with the … Continue reading

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Alex Spalding – No Mistaking (video)

Artist: Alex Spalding title: No Mistaking (video) keywords: electronica, coldwave, electro, fusion, gloomwave, label: X.O.S. Records http://xosrecords.bandcamp.com/ reviewer: Nico (City Lover, stalker & Private detective) Cities, I love being in them. Skyscrapers instead of wood, trees and parks, The smell of … Continue reading

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Crowd Control – GAME OVER! EP

Artist: Crowd Control title: GAME OVER! EP keywords: electro-fusion, electronic, dub fusion, indie, spoken word, Bucharest Crowd Control’ is basically where it’s game over for all other music you will hear today: there is just something about it that makes … Continue reading

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Galaxy Soundwave Project – Space Gator

artist: Galaxy Soundwave Project title: Space Gator keywords: space, synth pop, synth wave, progressive, reggae, jam, fusion, experimental, electronic, Galaxy Soundwave Project is sounding all friendly today, jamming out a chilled out interpretation of a relaxed reggae vibe, before plunging … Continue reading

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