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YIKIS playing PolyFauna

I’m not a gamer; in fact I suck at games. Yet I have borrowed an iPad from underneath the pillow of a sleeping iPad playing 80 year old woman to kill some time & of course some journalistic research for … Continue reading

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Robot Cousin – Nothing Fancy

artist: Robot Cousin title: Nothing Fancy keywords: experimental, game, game music, pixelpop Robot Cousin might have called its album ‘Nothing Fancy’, but who loves sweetness, computer sounds, melodies and who loves to love will fancy the tunes of friendliness on … Continue reading

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Origami Repetika – Bicycle Basket

Artist: Origami Repetika title: Bicycle Basket cat: {L0BIT09} keywords: electronic, melodic, mellow, melodies, classic, theatrical, lobit, low bit, feel good, happy, musical medicine, game music, orchestra label: L0BIT https://l0bit.wordpress.com/ reviewer: Leo Obit Waving hands in the air like a predated … Continue reading

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Reed Burnam – To The Gates

Artist: Reed Burnam title: To The Gates keyword: experimental , bedroom pop, psych, game-music, lo-fi, casio, childrens music Come and go out with the sound of Reed Burnam. His album ‘To The Gates’ will be perfect companionship.. Listening to his … Continue reading

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Nadrient – Future International™

artist: Nadrient title: Future International™ keywords: electronic, experimental, ambient, game music, game soundtrack, neo-classical, synthesizer, synthwave Nadrient uses the latest technology upon the Casio CT0420 for a complete new set of realistic acoustics and realism to pimp up once flat … Continue reading

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Chipzel – Super Hexagon EP

Artist: Chipzel title: Super Hexagon EP Keywords: 8bit, electronic, chiptunes, game music, retro, chipmusic Not so very long ago, somewhere in a rural part of the United Kingdom stood a long lonely tower. There was no door or any entrance … Continue reading

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