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YIKIS playing PolyFauna

I’m not a gamer; in fact I suck at games. Yet I have borrowed an iPad from underneath the pillow of a sleeping iPad playing 80 year old woman to kill some time & of course some journalistic research for … Continue reading

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Yeah I Know It Sucks playing Tetris

A while back we had been playing (or attempted to play) a few very sucky games, of course that ‘review’ turned out to such a success that it tasted of more. Our head of comment (Linda)  had lent us a … Continue reading

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Yeah I Know It Sucks playing suckie ‘Games’

Hello YIKIS participants, welcome at a special episode. I’m not a gamer, so this is awkward; but I’ve borrowed an iPad from (believe me or not!) a modern 80 year old and thought to check out ‘the games’. Of course … Continue reading

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Youko Heidy – Wer ist Christus?

Artist: Youko Heidy title: Wer ist Christus? keywords: alternative punk experiemental noise Japan label: Mambo Records Youko Heidy or Heidy Youko? The order of the artist name depends on where you go online… Who is Heidy Youko? There are so … Continue reading

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Crystal Tension – Pure Energy

artist: Crystal Tension title: Pure Energy keywords:  experimental hardware retro synth video game aesthetic art energy experience hyper sound art tech weird United States label: Ear Pioneer Get ready to be happy! As this is music generating a happy moment! … Continue reading

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Namby-Pamby – sweaty shirts

artist: Namby-Pamby title: sweaty shirts keywords: electronic, game, noise, psychedelic, trippy, Vernon An odd classic among classics is this 2012 release by Namby-Pamby, it took everyone by surprise from the first minute. The first minute made it into another one, … Continue reading

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Akcja Zorganizowanej Przeciętności – Dżon

Artist: Akcja Zorganizowanej Przeciętności title: Dżon keywords: alternative, lo-fi, electronic, folk, pop, experimental, crazy, weird, game, punk, opera, DIY, Poland label: Weakie Discs http://www.weakiediscs.blogspot.com/ The Dżon album by Akcja Zorganizowanej Przeciętności has some very fun sounds and comes across like listening … Continue reading

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