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Lorenzo Gomez Oviedo – 20 Albums

artist: Lorenzo Gomez Oviedo title: 20 Albums keywords: 1 album 1 minute argentina experimental experiemental experiment halo improvisation jazz and improvised music light mistake noise proove soul Argentine label: Adaptador Records https://adaptador.bandcamp.com/ I don’t know if yeah I know it … Continue reading

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c4 – proper nuance

Artist: c4 title: proper nuance keywords: electronic, ambient, techno, minimal, groove, experimental, glitch, funk, hypnotic, drone label: Proc Records http://proc-records.net/ The first release by C4 on the legendary netlabel Proc-Records was (and still is) ‘proper nuance’. It’s an historic music … Continue reading

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Hijos De Pitch (en vivo en Mal de Muchos)

Artist: Hijos De Pitch title en vivo en Mal de Muchos keywords: video, live performance, dance, groove, electronic When your thing is window shopping, you walk past windows of shops and look at the window displays. It has nothing to … Continue reading

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Maxime Robin – the Lo-fi grandeur deluxe edition of DIY swag

Artist: Maxime Robin Title: the Lo-fi grandeur deluxe edition of DIY swag Keywords: beats, grooves, fun, melodies, samples, rap, hip hop, happy, melodic reviewer: Fred Oppy The following release is the low bit version of a full length CD release, … Continue reading

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Material Action – Vault Trax 01 – AEMS – Totemic Abyss

artist: Material Action title: Vault Trax 01 – AEMS – Totemic Abyss cat: L0BIT15 keywords: groove, EDM, dance, electronic, ambient, rhythm, electro, industrial, raw, post-punk, lobit, low-bit, music reviewer: Spicky Lee Jones (the hamster) label: L0BIT https://l0bit.wordpress.com/ Eep Eep Eep, … Continue reading

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Dark Orchard – Blossom

Artist: Dark Orchard title: Blossom keywords: ambient, groove, vintage, sounds, jazz, Jim Casson is a busy bee; he drums, plays percussion, keyboards, cherry tanks, samples, animoog and a delicious Theremin. Busy as this musician is, we can’t really blame him … Continue reading

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Various Artists – Retrovision

Artists: Various title: Retrovision keywords: retro, vintage, jazz, blues, lo-fi, lounge, easy listening, smooth jazz, funk, groove, nostalgia label: Mixgalaxy Records Time for some lightweight retro-fantastic hip-shaking? Some jazzy Coltrane-ish side wiggling? Some drumrolls and vintage sounds? Some excellent music … Continue reading

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