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AUOH – automata – digital detox

Artist: AUOH title: automata – digital detox Keywords: experimental electronic improvisational noise soundtrack space rock spacemusic world music Winnipeg Music from a real world of horrors pops in with ‘real world machine’s bombastic sound that reminds of large dinosaurs rocking … Continue reading

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Id M Theft Able – “A ♥ Named Spooky”

artist: Id M Theft Able title: A ♥ Named Spooky keywords: dating, romance, ballads, experimental, friendship, friendly, OKcupid is a dating site that probably is named after the ‘okay’ sign people in the old days would give to the flying … Continue reading

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Luna Arakawa – Blood Ballad

Artist: Luna Arakawa title: Blood Ballad keywords: classical, modern classical, compositional, piano, improvisation,canadian experimental abstract avant-garde classical contemporary classical improvisation improvised improvised music modern classical piano piano solo Toronto This is the first piano solo album by Luna Arakawa, formerly … Continue reading

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javier piñango – i.r.real 7

artist: javier piñango title: i.r.real 7 keywords: experimental, electronic, Spain, improvisational, Greece label: Plus timbre http://www.plustimbre.com/ javier piñango brings a work named i.r.real 7 to the Plus Timbre label and you better sit yourself down for it. It’s the music … Continue reading

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JAAJA on gifgrond

From Nagoya, Japan comes JAAJA; a band of must see and most definitely must hear musicians that like old school traveling troubadours spread their mysteriously happy vibes from place to place, city to city, village to village, park to street … Continue reading

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Nuno Maltez – Psyche

Artist: Nuno Maltez title: Psyche format: Youtube keywords: lo-fi, folk, psychedelic, alternative, video, In a time of movies skipping cinema and video cassette, for a direct release on the internet; it is interesting to see what will happen next. Also music … Continue reading

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Various Artists – Female Soloists in Berlin Vol. 2 (2013)

Artists: various artists title: Female Soloists in Berlin Vol. 2 (2013) cat: ar095 keyords: female, soloists, solo, experimental, improvisational label: Audition Records reviewer: Willem van O. The first candidate on this collection of female soloists is the incredible sound thrilling Veronica Mota. … Continue reading

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Instagon – 6 6 6

Artist: Instagon title: 6 6 6 keywords: 666, experimental, garage jazz, improvisational, noise-art, instrumental, jam band, noise, outsider, progressive, sound art, Sacramento reviewer: Satanic Santa label: Instagon  http://www.instagon.com/ You better watch out, you better not cry.. I’m telling you why; … Continue reading

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Mimi Kawouin – TruNy

Artist: Mimi Kawouin title: TruNy keywords: circuit bending, costume, diy, experimental, funny, improvisational, live, noisy reviewer: Mark X Mimi Kawouin brings a refreshing sound beverage of improvisational groovy Nuttiness named ‘TruNy. With the charming greetings of a welcoming visit to … Continue reading

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Mauro Sambo – Presto (dicono) giungerà la neve…

artist: Mauro Sambo title: Presto (dicono) giungerà la neve… keywords: expérimental, avant-garde, improvisational, jazz, soundcollage label: Plus Timbre reviewer: Mark X A brand new netlabel was born. I got a message from one of the proud conceiving parents and got … Continue reading

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