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VENTA PROTESIX – Hello Kitty Box Cutter For Emasculation

artist: VENTA PROTESIX title: Hello Kitty Box Cutter For Emasculation keywords: experimental italy electronic insane laptop noise Lisbon label: Urubu tapes http://www.facebook.com/urubutapes Ah, The hills are alive with the sound of music… This time these hills might be strapped into … Continue reading

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Chase of Bass – Pizza Party of Doom

artist: Chase of Bass title: Pizza Party of Doom keywords: experimental chiptune complextro dubstep electronic fakebit filthy grimey headnod insane Illinois reviewer: Simon Hit This Pizza Party of Doom seems to start when the pizza eating had been over, went … Continue reading

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artist: INSANE BOOBS title: INSANE DEMO keywords: cool, metal, extreme, insane, noise, lol, Stoughton reviewer: Untitled Insane Boobs are introduced by an insane sounding voice that clearly loves the arrival of these insane boobs. Wouldn’t say it sounded like the … Continue reading

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Sheikh Majnun – The Earth Must Be Destroyed

artist: Sheikh Majnun title: The Earth Must Be Destroyed keywords: experimental, insane, trippy, psychedelic Dance of the small fuzzy things is the thing that swings in a naturally odd way. So much dreamy swinging that it made me feel like … Continue reading

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Shade – Shade

Artist: Shade title: Shade keywords: ambient, acid, insane, retarded, Chicago reviewer: Willem van O. As we engage in a shady business by making this place as awkward as possible by mixing the ‘normal’ with the ‘abnormal’ (and the other way … Continue reading

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Grey Pale Sinister – Obscure

Artist: Grey Pale Sinister title: Obscure keywords: lofi, experimental, dark, insane, mad, devotional, toytronic, mental reviewer: Willem van O. Grey Pale Sinister’s Obscura is a marriage between fanatic lo-fi keyboard playing and an insane mad vocalist whose breath you can … Continue reading

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