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憂鬱 – 魂のための歌

Artist: 憂鬱 title: 魂のための歌 keywords: ambient, vocal, Japan, experimental, vaporwave, guitar, love, lovely, sweet, dreampop label: Aloe City Records https://aloecityrecords.bandcamp.com/ reviewer: Willem van O. The cutest thing has happened and luckily is has been recorded for everyone to enjoy.  Of … Continue reading

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Asian Airplane music

Hello, I’m in an airplane. Or well, I’m pretending to be in one. It’s a short flight, but just lengthy enough to check some stuff from the on-board music collection. It’s an Asian flight, so let’s go and check out … Continue reading

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JAAJA on gifgrond

From Nagoya, Japan comes JAAJA; a band of must see and most definitely must hear musicians that like old school traveling troubadours spread their mysteriously happy vibes from place to place, city to city, village to village, park to street … Continue reading

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Akane Hosaka

Artist: Akane Hosaka keywords: rhythm, melodies, lo-fi, retro, loops, fun, happy, experimental, electronic Do you remember the fun music by Akane Hosaka? Her album ‘Loop Music‘ on Wrieuw Recordings (released on a floppy diskette) is still one of my personal … Continue reading

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須 芳英 | Namasu yoshihide – 恐れずきたれ、百合んりんっ!|Do not fear , I want you to come here, Lilloritty!

Artist: 須 芳英 | Namasu yoshihide title: 恐れずきたれ、百合んりんっ!|Do not fear , I want you to come here, Lilloritty! keywords: acoustic, noise, noise ambient, noise pop, Fujisawa, Japan, weird, experimental reviewer: Willem van O. All the good things come from Japan, … Continue reading

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Yullippe – Lys

Artist: Yullippe title: Lys keywords: electronic, Japan, industrial, new wave, noise, ambient, techno, Yullippe is born in 1993, Osaka, Japan. And now many years later (what year is it now? 2015?) she released her new album named ‘lys’. It is … Continue reading

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世界 / きゃり エロ グロ – Split

Artists: 世界 / きゃり エロ グロ title: Split keywords: devotional, harsh noise, kawaii, Japan Some professional state of the art music reviewers (let’s call them c*nts) like to nag about splits. How artists on a split almost never seem to … Continue reading

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Mmöner – Training Saga

Artist: Mmöner title: Training Saga keywords: experimental, japan,glitch,rain dragon records, underground, vaporwave, video game soundtrack, witch house, Vancouver label: Rainbow Dragon Records Take a trip to memory lane, going through the passages of early electronica freedom and hear this recent … Continue reading

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Kohdai Hirabayashi – I’m Very Happy EP

artist: Kohdai Hirabayashi title: I’m Very Happy EP keywords: alternative, acid, F***, acid folk, experimental, happy, hippie, hippy, lo-f, progressive, punk rock, Japan reviewer: Happy Harry No idea what these happy people are on, they cough a lot so it … Continue reading

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Madoka Ogitani – Take a Walk

artist: Madoka Ogitani title: Take a Walk format: CD-r / digital keywords: ambient, Japan, Tokyo, acoustic, guitar, easy listening, folk, girl, instrumental, melodic, ambient, toy piano label: La bèl netlabel http://www.labelnetlabel.com reviewer: Willem van O. Anyone in need for some … Continue reading

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