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Meagan Johnson – Very Young and Early Werx

artist: Meagan Johnson title: Very Young and Early Werx keywords: deep detroit techno electronic experimental idm truth underground electronica leftfield electronic multi-genre techno United States label: Run On Recordings http://runonrecordings.tumblr.com/ There is nothing better than a throbbing beat to get … Continue reading

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Noise Arcade – Moving Past Things Now Gone

Artist: Noise Arcade title: Moving Past Things Now Gone keywords: ambient, electronic, kosmische, leftfield, techno, lo-fi, weird, pop, Denmark label: Metaphysical Circuits Our second ‘sette of singular synth/beat trance-visions from Noise Arcade (aka. Michael Cupoli, an American living and working … Continue reading

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p0stm0rtem – NIPPOP

Artist: p0stm0rtem title: NIPPOP keywords: experimental,japan,abstract,ambient,avantgarde,pop, electronic,improvised, korea,leftfield, Toronto reviewer: Willem van O. Music can be anything, and everything. Sometimes it might be even so much everything and anything that it turns into a complete thing of its own. This … Continue reading

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Self-Medication – Belie the allies

Artist: Self-Medication Title: Belie the allies keywords: electronic, hip hop, downtempo, electroacoustic, electronic, music, glitch, idm, experimental, down-tempo, indie ,leftfield ,poetry ,trip hop ,Toronto Sometimes we stumble upon some great stuff, and I’m not talking about banana peels in this case. … Continue reading

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Autharktos – God Speed

Artist: Autharktos title: God Speed keywords: ambient, avant-garde, diy, experimental, lo-fi, noise, lraut, leftfield, microtonal, outsider music, psychotic, techno, Estonia ‘God speed’ is to me a title that suggest something speedy like the speed of a ray of light, but … Continue reading

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Vandalaze – Fax Head Said (video)

Artist: Vandalaze title: Fax Head Said (video) keywords: ebm, electronic, techno, funk, industrial, leftfield, slimewave, synthpop, vaporwave, Sareamento label: Slime Trax https://www.facebook.com/slimetrax words by: Anna Nonymous It’s retrospective time, a flash back to the eighties, a disco electro memory made … Continue reading

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Autharktos – Static

Artist: Autharktos title: Static keywords: ambient, avant-garde, dance, drone, experimental, leftfield, lo-fi, techno, noise, electronic, improvised, industrial, kraut This album starts with a very smooth sounding track named ‘2rdnpura’. It comes across as a massage method of soft programmed and … Continue reading

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