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Chlorine – Guitar 1

artist: Chlorine title: Guitar 1 keywords: Bauhaus, experimental, sunderland, guitar, subterranean sounds, Leiden labe;: Smikkelbaard reviewer: WIllem van O. Chlorine’s Guitar 1 is a short album which features 5 tracks with a high sentimental value. Titles like ‘cats’ , ‘the … Continue reading

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The Tits – Plurex 001

Artist: The Tits title: Plurex 001 keywords: Amsterdam, dutch punk, punk, experimental, minny pops, fun, post-punk,torso, ultra, Leiden label: Smikkelbaard The Tits’s hits ‘Daddy is my pusher’ and ‘we are so glad Elvis is dead’ are released as a compatible … Continue reading

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No Future Kids – nix18

Artist: No Future Kids title: nix18 keywords: experimental, iggy pop, aa nights, kids, new wave, no alcohol, oestgeest, leiden label: Smikkelbaard https://smikkelbaard.bandcamp.com reviewer: Willem van O. The Sex Pistols artwork printed on a credit card and now a tedious ‘nix18’ … Continue reading

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Chlorine – Downer Notes

Artist: Chlorine title: Downer Notes keywords: chorline, experimental, grassi, Sundeland, Leiden label: Smikkelbaard https://smikkelbaard.bandcamp.com/ The toilet has been blocked up, and after a heavy scrub the cleaner named ‘Smikkelbaard’ came up with the idea to use a product from ‘Chlorine’ … Continue reading

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Jacowe – Het Matriarchaat

Artist: Jacowe title: Het Matriarchaat keywords: experimental, smk024, confessional, cult, jacco, Leiden label: Smikkelbaard https://smikkelbaard.bandcamp.com reviewer: Herr Wiener Schnitzel Americans, the English and other non-Dutch speaking world inhabitants will have a blast listening to this release by Jacowe. Not that … Continue reading

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Drvg Cvltvre – My Blood Runs Black

Artist: Drvg Cvltvre title: My Blood Runs Black keywords: drvg cvltvre, experimental, Tilburg, Vincent, beats, dark wave, Leiden label: Smikkelbaard reviewer: Willem van O. Even though our eyes and ears are focused on a worldwide devolution of music, it is … Continue reading

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