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Matt Confusion – Else

Artist : Matt Confusion Release : Else Label : No Label keywords: blues diy alt rock home recording jazzy lo-fi night singer-songwriter Monza Release date : Oct 2016 reviewer: Wayne Rex Well, well, well, what do we have here then? … Continue reading

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Various Artists – Smells Like Christmas Spirit

Artists: Various Title: Smells Like Christmas Spirit Label: Small Bear Records Cat#: Unknown Keywords: Alternative, Indie, Shoegaze Reviewer: Alex Spaldingclaus ‘Twas a month before x-mas And all through the West, Lots of people were sleeping (They needed the rest) For … Continue reading

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MushroomWavved Collar – Tranquility

Artist: MushroomWavved Collar Title: Tranquility Keywords: ambient electronic atmospheric drone field recordings hauntology idm lo-fi meditation shoegaze soundscapes Moscow label: Ethereal Talks One of the artist you always should be on the lookout for is MushroomWavved Collar, this producer’s music … Continue reading

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Bobby Pin – Tchao!!!!!!

Artist: Bobby Pin Title: Tchao!!!!!! Keywords:experimental bad music lo-fi nostalgia psychodelic weird Bytom Bobby Pin is happy and the whole world might want to know how he shows it. First he provides the upbeat party sound, clearly celebrating his freshly … Continue reading

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Wayne Rex + Ross Taylor – You Can Never Go Back

Artist: Wayne Rex + Ross Taylor title: You Can Never Go Back Keywords: experimental ross taylor wayne rex avantgarde jazz experiemental free jazz freeform jazz freejazz improvised jazz lo-fi noise space rock Florida label: Muteant Sounds https://www.facebook.com/MuteAntSoundsNetlabel reviewer: Jazzy Jeff … Continue reading

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Adam/Palantris – Ropes of Maui

Artists: Adam/Palantris title: Ropes of Maui Keywords: ambient drone experimental lo-fi noise piano United Kingdom label: Personal Escape Records Here (Until you go) is coming at you like the long stretched arms of an angelic caring creature of light, reaching … Continue reading

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Projekt Luty – Dygnitarz

artist: Projekt Luty title: Dygnitarz keywords: alternative diy electronic experimental rock garage rock krautrock lo-fi poland polska poznan psychedelic Poznań label: underpolen Projekt Luty is (If I understood it well) a project that has one of the first distinctive rules … Continue reading

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