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Various Artists – Soft Bodies Eat Bees

Artist: various Title: Soft Bodies Eat Bees Keywords: alternative, electronic, ambient, experimental, haunting, psychedelic, London Jody Lowther rings in the beginning of this magnificent compilation like the contents of a magical bowl in which a beautiful future lays ahead. She … Continue reading

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Ghost of Wood – Behold, A Pale Horse

Artist: Ghost of Wood title: Behold, A Pale Horse keywords: ambient dark ambient drone electronica experimental orchestral ufo weird London It must be our lucky day to fall into the sound of ‘Twin Star’ a melodious work of synthesizer simplicity … Continue reading

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Gorilla Complex – Welcome to the Bass Jungle

Artist: Gorilla Complex title: Welcome to the Bass Jungle keywords: Bass House, electronic, dance on the web: https://www.facebook.com/gorillacomplex/ ‘It’s a jungle out there!’ But with rapid slaughter of the jungle known from the born human, raised by monkeys ‘Mowgli’ adventures, … Continue reading

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Future Image – NWYH

Artist: Future Image title: NWYH keywords: bristol electronic finlay shakespeare idm london abstract acid alternative electronica future image records glitch idm modular noise techno United Kingdom label: Future Image http://www.futureimagerecords.co.uk/ NWYH by Future Image is the active dirty side of … Continue reading

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lunar tunes – feat. logos / uncertain / the plague doctors / elves

artists: logos / uncertain / the plague doctors / elves title: lunar tunes keywords: experimental industrial other psychedelic London I’ve heard that the new world order and their secret Illuminati friends are all worshiping the sun, so I presume a … Continue reading

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Lisa Busby – Fingers in the Gloss

artist: Lisa Busby title: Fingers in the Gloss format: limited edition CD / digital keywords: experimental electronic improv noise song London Lisa Busby’s ‘Fingers in the gloss’ shows how experimental music with sincere sounding vocals could be the perfect combination … Continue reading

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Dreamboat – The Doomed Sessions Vol. 1

artist: Dreamboat title: The Doomed Sessions Vol. 1 format: tape / digital keywords: ambient cosmic doom drone shoegaze London All on board! Captains Simon, Fran & Alex will sail their dreamboat straight out of the Fierce Ships Studios. All you … Continue reading

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Jodie Lowther – Circles & Holes

Artist: Jodie Lowther Title: Circles & Holes keywords: experimental glossolalia ambient dark electronic female vocals haunting hauntology library music noise psychedelic recordings samples soundtrack vocal London format: digital / Tape artist website: http://www.jodielowther.co.uk/ (do check it out for wonderful wonders) … Continue reading

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Nate Wooley & Seymour Wright – About Trumpet and Saxophone

artists: Nate Wooley & Seymour Wright title: About Trumpet and Saxophone keywords: experimental free improv free improvisation improv improvisation improvised music London Nate Wooley (trumpet) and Seymour Wright (alto saxophone) are dueling together on an pure release of improvisational music … Continue reading

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TONTTU – 6: Also Sprach Gnomethustra

artist: TONTTU title: 6: Also Sprach Gnomethustra keywords:  experimental, ambient, avant garde, dark electronic, finland, folktronica, industrial, industrial ,metal ,martial ,metal ,military ,neo-folk ,psychedelic ,London Gnomes, you either love them or you hate them, or love to eat them as … Continue reading

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