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Bloom – My Funny Valentine

artist: Bloom tile: My Funny Valentine keywords: harmonium, live, valentine, love, video, classic, jazz In case you didn’t notice, yesterday it was Valentine’s day. We know how much it hurts to celebrate this day when you are alone, or have … Continue reading

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Various Artists – Midnight Radio Valentines Day Edition 2016

artists: various title: Midnight Radio Valentines Day Edition 2016 keywords: alternative experimental ambient dark ambient experimental electronic industrial Germany Valentine’s day, a day made famous by B.J. Snowden and Cupid. On this day in 2016 artists from all over the … Continue reading

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虚拟梦想广场 – 见钟情

Artist:  虚拟梦想广场 title: 一见钟情 Keywords: ambient china dream experimental love mallsoft vaporwave Happy Chinese New Year everyone! Outside might be parades with dragons, lots of drums and firecrackers but over here we keep things quiet and relaxed. The one responsible … Continue reading

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Omar Souleyman

Omar Souleyman is (as a Syrian wedding singer) by definition a man of love. The story goes that he gave each couple of newlyweds a one of a kind album, a perfect gift at the end of their wedding day. … Continue reading

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憂鬱 – 魂のための歌

Artist: 憂鬱 title: 魂のための歌 keywords: ambient, vocal, Japan, experimental, vaporwave, guitar, love, lovely, sweet, dreampop label: Aloe City Records https://aloecityrecords.bandcamp.com/ reviewer: Willem van O. The cutest thing has happened and luckily is has been recorded for everyone to enjoy.  Of … Continue reading

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POulBO – Fob Watch, Lipstick, Warless (the videos)

artist: POulBO title: Fob Watch, Lipstick, Warless (the videos) keywords: videos, electronic, electronica, gay, kissing, love, snogging, phobia, Sofia Leal, Jonas Börjesson, poulbo words by: Mark X Sometimes Youpoop sucks, not because the videos on it are suck-y, but because … Continue reading

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person/people – Internet Love Music

Artist: person/people title: Internet Love Music keywords: experimental, idm, dance, electronica, experimental, electronic, love, people, person, porn, pornographic, romance, romance-drone, vaporwave, Tuvalu Sometimes a modern internet artist knows exactly what has been missing in our modern day culture, something from … Continue reading

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Panq Ng – Goo Log, Jr

artist: Panq Ng title: Goo Log, Jr keywords: diy, devotional, Dubai, evil, independent, indie, latin, love, noise, positive, post-music, punk, shark, Chicago It takes a special kind of band to produce music that can turn me on in a nonstop … Continue reading

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Various Artists – Midnight Radio Compilation Valentines Day Edition 2015

artists: Various title: Midnight Radio Compilation Valentines Day Edition 2015 keywords: alternative, experimental, ambient, compilation, various, artists, Germany, electronic, valentine, Vaelentine’s Day, love, love music label: Midnightradio-compilation Hey lovers, I know it’s a commercial day in which lots of cards … Continue reading

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Origami Repetika – 2 high fidelity songs 4 headphones

Artist: Origami Repetika tittle: 2 high fidelity songs 4 headphones keywords: love, electronica, experimental, ambient, subtleness, repetitive drums and bass, love music. label: Happy Puppy Records http://members.shaw.ca/happypuppyrecords/ reviewer: Loverboy Hello, I’m your reviewer ‘Loverboy’… Before I’m going into a rampage of … Continue reading

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