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i’d m thfft able – Dedicated to Ace Frehley

artist: i’d m thfft able title: Dedicated to Ace Frehley keywords: experimental avant garde avant-garde experimental harsh noise noise portland maine sound poetry Portland i’d m thfft able rules the inside of his car & thanks to this recording to … Continue reading

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id m theft able – Jimmy Page

artist: id m theft able title: Jimmy Page keywords: experimental rap avant garde experimental noise poetry portland maine sound poetry tribal Portland THIS IS AWESOME! … Hello, readers! I’m very enthusiastic about the following release, and have big hopes you’ll … Continue reading

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James Rig – Willard

Artist: James Rig title: Willard keywords: electronic, experimental, ambient, drone, field recording, maine, noise, process, music, sound art, Chicago This is the music for relaxation and internal cleaning. All you need to do is turning it on; sit back or … Continue reading

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4lungboy – Becoming More Task Oriented

Artist: 4lungboy title: Becoming More Task Oriented keywords: experimental, Maine, hip-hop, noise, rap, Portland reviewer: John Peel Potato Sessions 4lungboy might not only have four lungs and blue stuff around his eyes, but also seems to feature a love for beats. … Continue reading

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