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{AN} Eel – Tent Tentacles & Man Made Mandibles

artist: {AN} Eel title: Tent Tentacles & Man Made Mandibles keywords: electronic experimental mashup’s rock avant-garde improvisation poetry vocal improv {an} eel Dublin reviewer: Furchick a review of some sorts by Furchick an honour to make a comment of an … Continue reading

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DJ Gymswap – Pearl Necklace / Velveteen Rub

Artist: DJ Gymswap title: Pearl Necklace / Velveteen Rub keywords: 90s, comedy, cover, mashup, vaporwave, breakcore, joke,jungle,remix,rave,soundclown,tekno,Netherlands DJ Gymswap is a bit like that French Chef from the muppet show without being French. He scoops his ingredients from all over … Continue reading

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Mambo Melon – Metro Jungle

artist: Mambo Melon title: Metro Jungle cat: Fe 007 format: CD / digital keywords: experimental, idm, electronic, flute, indie, mashup, trio, Saluzzo label: Factum Est Records reviewer: Mark X This happy product by Mambo Melon is making people happy in … Continue reading

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Flácido Domingo – U’re A Fooken Jerk!

Artist: Flácido Domingo  title: U’re A Fooken Jerk! keywords: Spanish Breakcore / Mashupcore reviewer: Doctor Ugs Are you ready for a colorful rainbow of sound diarrhea? Then you really should check out this breakcore mash potato mix of chopped up … Continue reading

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The Electric Cheese – Ass-burgers lul

artist: The Electric Cheese title: Ass-burgers lul keywords: electronic, youtube poop, comedy, mashup, soundclown reviewer: Fried Chicken The Electric CHeese doesn’t give a damn if you are into electric cheese or ass-burgers, The Electric Cheese just makes its available if … Continue reading

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Tooth Eye – Blood Is An Open Cage

artist: Tooth Eye title: Blood Is An Open Cage cat: NKS prod 113 – 2013 keywords:break core,mashup,jungle,speed bass,hardcore & experimental. label: NKS International http://nksinternational.free.fr/ Tooth Eye is one of these characters   that stands out in the world of underground … Continue reading

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