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Channelers – Space Makes Clearing

Artist: Channelers title: Space Makes Clearing keywords: ambient acoustic devotional drone electronic folk love magic minimal spiritual trance Oakland label: Inner Islands http://www.innerislands.com/ Channelers will bring instant sunshine with its riddling music strokes, fingers pressing in piano notes in a … Continue reading

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Floating Mind – Light Variation

Artist: Floating Mind Title: Light Variation Keywords: deep, minimal, techno Label: Monokrak It’s perfect! Minimal things are so good when all that you hear within the minimal work are precise and right on. ‘light Variation’ by Floating Mind gets it … Continue reading

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Rinkus – in BluE

Artist: Rinkus title: in BluE keywords: electronic ambient electronic digital electronic experiemental female vocals minimal russian synthpop weird Москва Rinkus has two newly made tracks available for your ears. Both have this soviet synthesizer sound and feel combined with soft … Continue reading

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Charlotte Bendiks – Aurora EP

Charlotte Bendiks Artist: Charlotte Bendiks title: Aurora EP keywords: electronic house minimal tech house bass music electronica house techno Tromsø label: Love OD Communications http://loveod.com/ Tomorrow we will be covering the activities at the ‘TodaysArt 2016’ festival in Den Haag, … Continue reading

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Belchkitchen – E.M.I.R.S. NAGRA 4-L

artist: Belchkitchen title: E.M.I.R.S. NAGRA 4-L keywords: experimental dance garage punk noise performance art rock Arnhem Belchkitchen’s latest bunch of fresh sounds are collected under the name E.M.I.R.S. NAGRA 4-L. A mysterious name if you can’t look in the head … Continue reading

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Floating Mind – illuminati

artist: Floating Mind title: illuminati keywords: deep, minimal, techno, electronica, Floating Mind, netlabel, monoKraK label: Monokrak Monokrak is back with a perfect new release containing four high quality deep techno track of the extremely good order in the quality department. … Continue reading

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Those Lone Vamps -“A Brief History Of Slumber” (In the key of zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz)

artist: Those Lone Vamps title: “A Brief History Of Slumber” (In the key of zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz) keywords: alternative gospel minimal new wave Udine label: Vernal Week “Written and performed by Bruno Clocchiatti-Oakey Recorded in a coalmine on a crummy 4-track device … Continue reading

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