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Dyane Donck – Sounds That Surround Me

Artist: Dyane Donck title: Sounds That Surround Me keywords: electronic experimental beats binaural ethnic modern classic sampling songs soundscape world Netherlands website: http://www.dyanedonck.com/ The artist had an interesting concept for this album; she asked around in her nearby surroundings what … Continue reading

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Robin Baugh – A Rising Wave

Artist: Robin Baugh title: A Rising Wave keywords: World, celtic, ambient, new age, iPad webstie:  http://www.robinbaugh.com/ Like a modern day crusader of calming minstrel materials ‘Robin Baugh’ battles the old guard of the classic music makers. Her slow sword / instrument … Continue reading

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Luna Arakawa – Ocean of tears called sky

Artist: Luna Arakawa Title: Ocean of tears called sky keywords: canadian diy experimental abstract avant-garde avantgarde brian eno canadian composer classical dark ambient experimental electronic feminism modern classical piano radiohead steve reich Toronto Ocean of tears called sky is an … Continue reading

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Poppy Nogood – Music for Mourning

Artist: Poppy Nogood Title: Music for Mourning format: CD & digital keywords: alternative acoustic ambient ambient ambient electroacoustic contemporary classical contemporary composition instrumental modern classical modern composition piano based steve reich string quartet terry riley Kraków label: Preserved Sound http://preservedsound.bandcamp.comContinue reading

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David Valentine – Computer Love

artist: David Valentine title: Computer Love keywords: video, dance, art, modern, electronic, romance, love, chatting, computer, love, reviewer: Corry the computer There is a lot of love going on in this artistic looking Romeo & Juliet inspired music video… Actually … Continue reading

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Jesus the Carpenter – Jesus Loves You

artist: Jesus the Carpenter title: Jesus Loves You keywords: experimental acoustic guitar ambient american primitivism avant-garde drone free improvisation minimalism modern classical netlabel noise outsider music label: Piety Circuit Productions https://www.hypedsound.com/pcp/ Jesus The Carpenter (Christophe Bassett) seems to have stopped … Continue reading

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AG Davis – Bionicism

Artist: AG Davis title: Bionicism keywords: dub, electronic, experimental, industrial, modern, classical, musique concrete, United States label: Poverty Electronics https://povertyelectronics.bandcamp.com/ Roaming Network is the exciting piece that will get you instantly hooked by total flabergasm. It’s one of the most … Continue reading

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Venus Rose – Venus Rising EP

Artist: Venus Rose title: Venus Rising EP keywords: experimental, house, modern, hip-hop, r&b, rock & roll, soul, pop, rap, hip-hop, soul, New York reviewer: Simon Hit Venus Rose’s Venus Rising is a EP that seems to be a showcase of … Continue reading

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EugeneKha – Close Space / December 9th

artist: EugeneKha title: Close Space / December 9th keywords: ambient, new-age, electronic, downtempo, film music, instrumental, modern, space label: Echoes SOunds / White Art Studio Enter the ‘Close space’, the final ambient frontier annex the latest ‘single’ created by the … Continue reading

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