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nick kuepfer – phonotaxis

Artist: Nick Kuepfer title: phonotaxis keywords: experimental constellation records drone etc folk nick kuepfer tape loop Montréal Nick Kuepfer brings us on a fine journey of experimental kinds. The beginning is calm like a wake up call that goes hand … Continue reading

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Alexa Momtaz – The Korg Gadget Songs FIX1MIX Masters

artist: Alexa Momtaz title: The Korg Gadget Songs FIX1MIX Masters keywords: edm electronic ambient techno progressive house soundscapes techno industrial Montreal Aggronoid-Bufferstate’ bubbels and buffers massively on the electronic baseline, making my stomach twinkle of pleasure and joy. The electronic … Continue reading

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sp3ct3rs – gather (ep)

Artist: sp3ct3rs Title: gather (ep) keywords: ambient apocalyptic brooklyn chelseahighline drone isolationism minimalist newyork parkslope Montréal The gather EP by sp3ct3rs starts with a minimal drone work named ‘Longing’. It is best heard in an environment in which not all … Continue reading

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Blue Hands – II

Artist: Blue Hands title: II keywords: electronic experimental ambient grunge metal noise operatic post-punk punk rock shank rock Montreal I was just reading (as you do…) upon the case of ‘blue balls’, a phenomenon that occurs to men in extreme … Continue reading

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Blue Hands – Blue Hands

artist: Blue Hands title: Blue Hands keywords: electronic, experimental, ambient, bass, experimental, grunge, hardcore, metal, noise, operatic, rock, soft, spazz, trash, weird, Montreal reviewer: Willem van O. Blue Hands are in most cases a sign of being cold, perhaps a … Continue reading

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