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Brunnen – Selbst

Artist: Brunnen title: Selbst keywords: Electronica, Experimental label: Sirona Records http://www.sirona-records.com/ Brunnen uses the smoothness of sound to penetrate the ears and other parts of the skin with enough natural lubricant to fall over if you aren’t careful. The wet … Continue reading

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il Russo – 2

Artist: il Russo title: 2 keywords: electronics, clicks, idm, cosmic, psychedelic, abstract label: MAV http://mavrecords.webs.com/ 2 starts like a nation’s anthem. One that you should stand up for, open and close your mouth to pretend that you are singing & … Continue reading

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LoE LoF LoN – Conventional Elements

artist: LoE LoF LoN title: Conventional Elements keywords:experimental spanish underground music avant garde rock experiemental free form experimental music free jazz instrumental lo-fi noise space rock Florida label: Muteant Sounds (net label) https://www.facebook.com/MuteAntSoundsNetlabel This entertaining album starts with ‘Black Liquor’ … Continue reading

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Floating Mind – illuminati

artist: Floating Mind title: illuminati keywords: deep, minimal, techno, electronica, Floating Mind, netlabel, monoKraK label: Monokrak Monokrak is back with a perfect new release containing four high quality deep techno track of the extremely good order in the quality department. … Continue reading

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YIKIS Netlabel Day 2016 support

Even though at YIKS it is every day ‘Netlabel day’, somehow somewhere some people had claimed this day as official ‘netlabel day’. What it exactly means is a bit of a mystery, as the noble ones who organize it are … Continue reading

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Floating Mind – “V.I.S”

Artist: Floating Mind title: “V.I.S” Keywords: netlabel, Floating Mind, deep, mnml, minimal, techno, monoKraK label: MonoKrak http://www.monokrak.net/ reviewer: Techno Theo When people ask me ‘Hey Techno Theo,  where to go and find deep minimal techno’ I’ll always point (in silence) … Continue reading

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Various Artists – SPTOtfSP SParkle

artist: Various Artists title: SPTOtfSP SParkle cat:[Siro772] keywords: Lobit Music, Complete Netlabel Catalog, Floppy, Diversified, 36 Releases In One label: Sirona-Records http://www.sirona-records.com A label ran by Koala? Releasing things like Presidential gangster rap? Electronicarockexperimentalnoisefloppop? Odd lobit Compilations? A virus? A … Continue reading

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FRAIL – Numeric Handcraft LP

Artist: FRAIL (https://frailbass.bandcamp.com/) title: Numeric Handcraft LP cat: Siro768 keywords: Ambient, Bass Music, Electronic, Dubstep, Other label: Sirona-Records http://www.sirona-records.com/ reviewer: Netlabel enthusiast After a long break Sirona-Records happily announced it’s come back with the finest, broadest, greatest, wildest and nicest … Continue reading

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Eisenlager & IDTAL – 2 Tracks

Artist: Eisenlager & IDTAL title: 2 Tracks keywords: electronic experimental netlabel ambient post-rock Belgium label: GodHatesGodRecords https://godhatesgodrecordsrefuseresist.bandcamp.com/ In a sound world in which seemingly everything is out of tune and odd; all the weirdness becomes normal. The first track on … Continue reading

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chēēZ π -The Clones of Dr. Funkenstein (2016)

artist: chēēZ π title:  The Clones of Dr. Funkenstein keywords: bootsy, dance, fatboy slim, funkadelic, george clinton, parliament, pfunk, chiptune, club, edm, electronic, funk, party label: FEUERSTEIN Records https://archive.org/details/feuersteinrecords The music to swing your hips rhythmically, to bring your head … Continue reading

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