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Anwaar Ali – An Orphan’s Dream

Artist: Anwaar Ali Title: An Orphan’s Dream format: CD / Digital Keywords: new age, ambient reviewer: Willem van O. Being a guitar player and music producer might not exactly make you think of the music that Anwaar Ali dropped on his … Continue reading

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Marielle V Jakobsons – Star Core

Artist: Marielle V Jakobsons Title: Star Core keywords: ambient classical cosmic experimental new age synthesizer Oakland This pretty enlightening kind-of-an-album by multi-instrumentalist Marielle V Jakobsons starts with a nice spacious melodic amount of White Sparks. For some reason it gives … Continue reading

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Robin Baugh – A Rising Wave

Artist: Robin Baugh title: A Rising Wave keywords: World, celtic, ambient, new age, iPad webstie:  http://www.robinbaugh.com/ Like a modern day crusader of calming minstrel materials ‘Robin Baugh’ battles the old guard of the classic music makers. Her slow sword / instrument … Continue reading

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Catherine Meeson – Contemplating Buddha

artist: Catherine Meeson title: Contemplating Buddha keywords: electro pop ambient electrofolk electronic music electrorock ethereal neo-psychadelia new age music soundscape space music Melbourne artist website: http://www.catherinemeeson.com/ Catherine Meeson is a singer songwriter electro acoustic composer living in Melbourne Australia. She … Continue reading

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The Monk by the Sea – Soundscapes V

Artist: The Monk by the Sea Title: Soundscapes V Keywords: ambient electronic ambient drone ambient guitar atmospheric drone drone ambient guitar new age space ambient space music Zagreb If you had been in touch with the music output made by … Continue reading

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Uni Brainwasher – Pop Spirituality

Artist: Uni Brainwasher title: Pop Spirituality keywords: earth experimental dance digital dreamy future low-fi new age pop space spiritual strange unicult witch pop Seattle website: http://www.unicoleunicron.com/ reviewer: Willem van O. Did you hear Uni Brainwasher before? It’s a music project … Continue reading

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Vitas – Седьмой элемент / The 7th Element

Artist: Vitas title: Седьмой элемент / The 7th Element keywords: Operatic pop, techno, new-age, vocal music, classical, pop, easy listening, chillout, synthpop words by: Willem van O. Something happened… My ears and eyes finally (after zillions of people before me) … Continue reading

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Sven Sundberg – Intimacy: A Collection

Artist: Sven Sundberg title: Intimacy: A Collection keywords: new age,r&b, world, adult, contemporary, instrumental, easy listening, pop, life, urban, nu jazz, soft rock, Springfield reviewer: Bert Sompsin Today, its a weekend day. Not just any weekend day; no! No, No … Continue reading

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Flaer Smin – IRA

Artist: Flaer Smin title: IRA ca: o2 label 05 – 06 keywords: new age,instrumental label: o2 label https://archive.org/details/@o2label reviewer: Willem van O. Imagine a piano on the beach, being played by a person with the urge to sing a song … Continue reading

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Pulsar – Under The Wing Of An Angel (mix)

artist: Pulsar title: Under The Wing Of An Angel (mix) cat: (02 label 04 – 099) keywords: new age, electronic label: O2 Label reviewer: Willem van O. There she sits, her wings open wide.. Which side of her wings will … Continue reading

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