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Alexey Kovalenko & Elena Galitsina – Early Summer Morning

Artists: Alexey Kovalenko & Elena Galitsina title: Early Summer Morning cat: 02label 05-028 keywords: instrumental, relax music, new age label: o2label http://o2label.ru/ reviewer: Mark X The internet archive netlabel department is a fine gift in order to help yourself with … Continue reading

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Sentidos Aquestos – Santo Clos

Artistos: Sentidos Aquestos titlo: Santo Clos keywordos: electronic, Christmas, cumbia, navidad, new age, televisawave, vaporwave, Monterrey labello: Σшρτγ music https://www.facebook.com/EmptyMusic420 reviewos: Willem van O-os Yeah I Know It Suckeros, but let’s go Mexicano for this wonderfullo releaso in the vaporwavios stylio. Amigo, … Continue reading

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Rasplyn – Scenes Through the Magic Eye

artist: Rasplyn title: Scenes Through the Magic Eye keywords: expérimental, ambiant, avant-garde, classical, contemporary, electroacoustic, industrial, neoclassical, new age, world, fusion, Tampa label: Mythical Records http://www.mythicalrecords.com/ reviewer: Willem van O. Honesty is what counts in real reviews. Together with the … Continue reading

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The Monk by the Sea – Leave The World Behind

artist: The Monk by the Sea title: Leave The World Behind keywords: ambient, ambient drone, drone, guitar, cinematic, new age, post-rock, shoe gaze, soundscape,space ambient, space music, Zagreb reviewer: The Milkman Hello and welcome at Yeah I Know It Sucks. … Continue reading

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Wings of an Angel – Lightworkers Are Us

Artist: Wings of an Angel title: Lightworkers Are Us keywords: ambient drone, melancholic, transcendental I don’t know what to say other than that a miracle had happened. The wings of an angel had come to me through an email! The … Continue reading

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Mark.Nine – Asleep in the Kingdom

artist: Mark.Nine Title: Asleep in the Kingdom Keywords: ambient, new age, meditative reviewer: Mark Seven Out Of Nine Smiling away while cuddled up on the soft grass. A spot in the high hills watching other beautiful hills; a place that … Continue reading

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EugeneKha – Atmosphere

artist: EugeneKha title: Atmosphere cat: 45E027-2014 keywords: light ambient label: 45 Echoes Sounds http://45echoes-sounds.blogspot.com/ To be free’ is a cherished concept in the music world, but it’s rare to come across music that is as free as a flying feather … Continue reading

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Floyd Kelly – The Doorway: A Sonic Journey (None)

Artist: Floyd Kelly Title: The Doorway: A Sonic Journey Label: None Cat#: None Keywords: Ambient, Electronic, Movies & TV Reviewer: Alex Spalding Are you ready for a sonic journey? You’d better be, because sonic journeys are always on the itinerary … Continue reading

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EugeneKha – Close Space / December 9th

artist: EugeneKha title: Close Space / December 9th keywords: ambient, new-age, electronic, downtempo, film music, instrumental, modern, space label: Echoes SOunds / White Art Studio Enter the ‘Close space’, the final ambient frontier annex the latest ‘single’ created by the … Continue reading

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Sasha Darko – Underwater

artist: Sasha Darko title: Underwater keywords: abstract, ambient, experimental, electronic, downtempo, relaxing music Sleeping Underwater Giants is a track title that basically describes exactly how the actual music is sounding. Just think about the depth of a blue ocean and … Continue reading

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