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Sven Sundberg – Intimacy: A Collection

Artist: Sven Sundberg title: Intimacy: A Collection keywords: new age,r&b, world, adult, contemporary, instrumental, easy listening, pop, life, urban, nu jazz, soft rock, Springfield reviewer: Bert Sompsin Today, its a weekend day. Not just any weekend day; no! No, No … Continue reading

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Candy Teeth – Seven Days Of Manic

artist: Candy Teeth title: Seven Days Of Manic keywords: electronic, jazz hop, electronic jazz, experimental, harsh, noise, nu-jazz, nü-jazz, post rock, post-rock, Philadelphia reviewer: Willem van O. “Seven Days of Manic” is a collection of melodically and harmonically dense, jazz … Continue reading

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Nameless Dancers – Summer Solstice

artist: Nameless Dancers title: Summer Solstice cat: WAS-ES010-2014 keywords: Nu-jazz, Electro-jazz, Synth-jazz label: Echoes Sounds http://whiteartstudio.blogspot.ru/ t’s Sunday and it is a muzzy day, the best way to compliment it is with some good lounge muzzy funkiness. That’s where Nameless … Continue reading

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Ninshubar – From The Above To The Below

artist: Ninshubar title: From The Above To The Below cat: UNHX011CD keywords: electro-acoustic, experimental, nu jazz label: Unorthodox Recordings Yeah I Know It Sucks Web Promotion, the press office of Yeah I Know It Sucks for the promotion of reviews … Continue reading

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Total Normal – Tales Of The Expected (MR CD1)

Artist: Total Normal Title: Tales Of The Expected Label: Momental Records Cat#: MR CD1 Keywords: Alternative, Ambient, Electroacoustic, Folktronica, Psychedelic Reviewer: Alex Spalding *… ring… ring… ring… ring… click* Um… hello? Oh, uh… yeah, it’s me… oh! Kai! Yeah, haha, … Continue reading

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Just Plain Ant – Love(d)

Artist: Just Plain Ant title: Love(d) keywords:  down tempo, future jazz? label: BlocSonic http://www.blocsonic.com/ The feeling of sitting down in a warm bubble bath of sound is exactly the way how I feel while listening to the first track of … Continue reading

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Ghryzly Atoms – Cassandra Complex: Episode 1 (DTS-011 / Siro545)

Artist: Ghryzly Atoms Title: Cassandra Complex: Episode 1 Label: DucTape Smile / Sirona-Records Cat#: DTS-011 / Siro545 Keywords: Experimental, New York, Ambient, Cybergrind, Electronica, Hip-Hop, Indie, Instrumental, Metal, Psychedelic, Psychedelica, Rock, Las Vegas Reviewer: Alex Spalding I had this stuck … Continue reading

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